What The Tribune & Duncan Got Wrong

Three things to keep in mind about the Consortium study that came out last week: (1) There's no causal connection that can be made between any specific policy (say Duncan's closing and opening of schools) and the long term trends that are described here, though the Tribune stated that there was, (2) Duncan's claim that Latino elementary school students made big improvements (in the Tribune story) isn't supported by the Consortium's findings, and (3) the problems with the tests are only half the problem -- the misleading ways they're reported to the public and passed along by the press are the other half.  What else did I, the media, or the folks responding to the report miss?

Coverage roundup:

The New York Times

Chicago Public Radio

Chicago Sun-Times

Chicago Tribune

Catalyst Chicago


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  • the latino achievement info is on page 34, figures 16 and 17

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    Absolutely correct, Alex. Thanks for setting the record straight.

  • a tiny bit more coverage about the report from edweek, including an interesting quote about vallas in which he claims to have put off renorming the tests to avoid comparability problems


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