Time To Get It Together

Today's news includes yesterday's CTU and CPS confusion over figuring out a meeting time and location, the Emanuel budget, and the Occupy Chicago protests. Plus more.  See it all below:

CTU and CPS fail to meet Tuesday over longer days Tribune: CPS rejected a proposal to meet at union headquarters and suggested holding the talks at a school that already had voted to extend its days by 90 minutes this school year.

Chicago street protests target financial industry MSNBC:  Police arrested 26 demonstrators, many wearing Chicago Teachers Union T-shirts, who linked arms and sat down in Monroe Street as they chanted "Save our schools, save our homes!"

Karen Lewis On 'The Ed Show': Rahm Emanuel Is 'Absolutely' Anti-Teacher Huffington Post: After participating in the heavily attended, largely peaceful Take Back Chicago rally Monday evening, Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis appeared on MSNBC's Ed Schultz's "The Ed Show" and offered criticism of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Union leaders pull down millions in public pensions Statehouse News: Former employees of the National Education Association, or NEA, Illinois Education Association, or IEA,Illinois Federation of Teachers, or IFT, and Illinois Association of School Boards, or IASB, drawing pensions have collected more than $47 million from the Illinois Teachers’ Retirement System, or TRS, to date.

Emanuel Budget to Include TIF Funds, Fee Hikes CNC: Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s proposal to close the city’s 2012 fiscal shortfall will feature funds from tax-increment financing districts, increased sticker costs for drivers of sports-utility vehicles and a fee hike for businesses with permission for valet parking and loading zones.

Task force proposes more screening for school readiness Catalyst: The screening efforts will be coordinated by “local outreach and engagement collaboratives,” which line up with CPS’ elementary school networks.

Principal, Teachers Don’t Want to See School Go Charter ChicagoTalks:  Wendall Smith’s local school council held a meeting Aug. 30, and voted in favor of changing to a charter school. It was passed by a seven to three vote. The principal and the  two teachers present voted no.



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  • Keep it neutral and meet at the Headquarters of both the Union and the Board.  It is not that hard CTU and CPS.  It needs to be kept neutral and fair.  

    CPS, this is not a time to make this a "Media Circus."  I am saying this in regards to meeting at a School that has already implemented a longer school day in Brown Elementary School.  Everyone knows you all like to play games at 125 S. Clark.  It is obvious that we all weren't born yesterday.  Lewis, just put aside whatever is going on with you and CPS and get these meetings underway because we are wasting time.

    Common sense says have it at CTU Headquarters once, then next time hold the meeting at Board Headquarters or however they decide.  From that point they just alternate meeting locations (CTU/CPS Headquarters) until they have reached an agreement.  This is not Rocket Science, right?

  • Rahm a coward. Rahm how come Clark Street is a complete mess! Only thing running is the public relations machine. They are earning their money slinging their B.S. and getting the media to play along. He does not know how to engage in a dialogue. He is a bully. Rahm, you are a small man with a small heart!

  • here's a USA Today story about a digital library in the old Harold Washington library -- sounds sorta interesting anyone used it?


  • In reply to Alexander Russo:

    Alex, What do you think about the issue that I brought up?

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