Smackdown At Sullivan HS

What passes for today's education news includes updates on the new "hybrid" high schools coming to CPS next year, the state's early learning Race To The Top application, the new turf fields being installed everywhere, fisticuffs at Fenger and Sullivan HS. News about the budget is in the previous post.

North Side high school girls assault of another student caught on tape Sun Times:  The attack happened last Thursday during a biology class at Sullivan High School, 6631 Bosworth Avenue.

Fenger High School football coach charged with assaulting student Sun Times: Cassius Chambers, 28, of the 8100 block of South Paxton, turned himself in to Calumet Area detectives Oct. 5 and was charged with one count of simple assault, police said.

CPS students featured in a docudrama addressing cyberbullying Sun Times:  These were just two Chicago Public Schools students featured in “Your Social Life,” a docudrama addressing cyberbullying in CPS that was screened for students, staff and parents Wednesday night at Columbia College.

State seeks $70 million for early learning Catalyst: The new system will replace the current Quality Counts program with a “tiered quality rating and improvement system” for preschools. Programs with four-star rating will get access to coaches to work with teachers on instruction and help them beef up classrooms using the quality standards of the CLASS.

Chicago children can have a field day with new turf in local parks Saturday Medill: The Chicago Park District is using its biggest donation in history for "Take The Field," a public/private partnership that will replace 10 Chicago fields with artificial turf.

A move to take back TIFs Reader: The focus of the protest was on financial deals Bank of America, and other lenders, cut with the Chicago Public Schools years ago. Since the economy tanked, the swap deals have hit CPS particularly hard. Bank of America owes the school system $20 .

CPS to roll out high school-college hybrid Tribune: A new type of school will enter Chicago's crowded public education system next fall, a kind of high school-community college hybrid that, if successful, could one day become a model for preparing students for professional careers without a university.

CPS and CTU need a time out CPS Obsessed:  “We have big problems to tackle that require immediate collaboration and leadership,” said Raise Your Hand co-founder Wendy Katten. “Perhaps they should use a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.”



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  • here comes a national outfit called primrose to open some preschools in chicago:

  • Illinois Educational Labor Relations Board Issues Complaint Against CPS For Coercing Longer School Day Votes

  • over at CPS girls blog they're wondering what happened to the $100K that was donated and promised to redo the track at hanson --

    any ideas what's happening with that?

  • Alex, Alex, Alex,

    It is not the first time CPS has taken money donated or from grants and siphoned them for their own purposes.

  • When will "someone" investigate how administrators siphon off special education monies and state Pre-K funds to funnel into the school's general education fund? Isn't this fraud?

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