Running Out Of Sympathy

That's a picture of the famous John Kugler.  This -- Wake up, Chicago Teachers Union -- is Ben Joravsky's latest column.  His thesis? Emanuel may be  going about it all the wrong way, but "the teachers [union] brought a lot of this on themselves." He compares previous contracts to the black ministers, north-side independents, and "all the others who looked the other way so they could get their little scraps of the pie during the Daley years." Somehow Joravsky still ends up expressing sympathy to teachers but I get the sense that if Emanuel weren't being such a jerk there wouldn't be much positive feeling left.


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  • John

    He is much more than just a union rep. He is a displaced shop teacher.
    Last year I served on a joint union and CPS committee dealing with
    vocational education. I am retired; another guy is a wood shop teacher
    several union people, including John , and the board of education’s
    representatives . The irony was apparent .Here is a guy effectively
    fired for being a shop teacher sitting in the same room with several
    of the people who fired him. He never mentioned his personal plight
    as we tried to hammer home some obvious, mistakes the board was
    making about shop classes. He could be on my team anytime.

  • Ben J's editorials seem discombobulated to me. He needs to trace to history and the responsibility for each era more clearly. Work harder.

  • In reply to Anonymous:

    Dear anon,

    Ben J is usually spot on! Your sad post proves trolls do come in all styles. You need to work harder on your critique,,, oh but that would be too much like hard work! My bad!

  • In reply to Anonymous:

    So you wanted him specifically to name the Tom Reece and Marilyn Stewart administrations?

  • In reply to Anonymous:

    Dear Anonymous,
    You think Ben J should fit a history book into a one page article? …the Atlantic Ocean into a shot-glass…a trivial pursuit question into your brain?…grow some spatial intelligence! Idiot!

  • Ha. Ha. So a troll is anyone who doesn't agree you your opinion of Joravsky's work. That's sad.

  • In reply to Anonymous:

    Like the person said, "You need to work harder on your critique,,, oh but that would be too much like hard work!" Went over you head. That is sad.

    BTW: You do sound like a Rahm tool!

  • In reply to Anonymous:

    Dear anonymous,
    'doesn't agree you your opinion'?

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  • Finally. Someone following the money right out of the box:

  • Ben. Is that you?!

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