Occupy After School Matters

Today's news includes coverage of teachers' involvement in the Occupy Wall Street protests spreading across the country as well as more about the After School Matters revelations.


Occupy Chicago protest gets more organized WBEZ:  Made up of groups like Chicago Teachers Union and Service Employees International Union, marchers say big banks are responsible for the foreclosure crisis and a weak job market.

Chicago protesters march against groups ‘that wrecked the economy’ Sun Times: A crowd in the thousands chanting “Shame! Shame!” and hoisting signs denouncing corporate greed congregated downtown Monday night.


Rahm on TIF abuses: Let's talk about kids instead Reader:  To anyone wondering how Mayor Rahm Emanuel would respond to the latest evidence that the city’s chief economic development program has been used as a slush fund, here’s the answer: After-school programs are important.

Slashed pay for thousands of needy After School Matters kids WBEZ: After School Matters is practically a household name in Chicago.

Daley doesn't explain how money ended up at wife's charity Sun Times: Former Mayor Richard Daley popped up to give a tour of Millennium Park Monday, but did not address why more than a dozen companies subsidized by city taxpayers were required to give more than $900,000 to the charity founded and led by his wife.

Searching for political clout's positive pull WBEZ:  Eyebrows were raised because of the programs' close ties to Maggie Daley, the wife of former Mayor Richard...


Teens help create model digital library Sun Times: On the ground floor of Chicago’s Harold Washington Library, an experiment is taking place that could determine what neighborhood libraries will look like in 10 years.

Full-day kindergarten Catalyst: Close to half of over 90 schools where the district initially said it is expanding full-day programs have offered it for years, according to a Catalyst Chicago telephone survey that found at least 41 schools already had full-day slots.

Talks on longer school day derail over location Tribune: After weeks of bitter fighting over the district’s efforts to introduce a longer school day, Chicago Public Schools and the Chicago Teachers Union appeared ready to sit down and talk today. But then, they found something else to argue about.

CPS eyes alternatives for gifted kindergartners Tribune: Parents worried about not getting their children into the gifted kindergartner program at the increasingly crowded South Loop Elementary School may still get a chance, Chicago Public Schools officials said today.

The Beauty of Failure Huffington Post: One example is Chicago Arts Partnerships in Education that partners teachers in schools with artists who collaborate to design cutting-edge creative experiences for students inChicago public schools.

How one woman went undercover to expose vile school food Daily Mail:  Chicago Public Schools said in a statement it is 'committed to the health and wellness of our students' and had 'increased its choices of fruits and vegetables, as well as whole grains, and eliminated deep fat frying'.

No miracles Tribune: In 2009, the Civic Committee of the Commercial Club of Chicago concluded Chicago's public schools had made little progress in raising student achievement over several years.

Kids across the city pepper CPS CEO Brizard with questions WBEZ: Kids from across Chicago had the chance to speak directly with Jean-Claude Brizard, CEO of Chicago Public Schools, during a special edition of WBEZ's monthly call-in program Schools on the Line thursday night.

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  • I read the report by Joseph Ferguson the city Inspector General and I noticed something not reported in the articles that Alexander posted. The only individual CPS elementary school to recieve the public benefits clauses TIF cash gifts was Lovett School. It recieved $20,000 from the Laborer's Union in 2006 and another $20,000 from the Construction and General Laborers' District Counsel in 2006. Does anyone know the contection between the Laborer's union and this school? Does anyone know what the school did with the $40,000? The TIF district involved was Galewood/Armitage. (Kelvin Park High School and North Grand High School got money in 2006 on a another deal from a developer)

    Rod Estvan

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