No Money For Common Core

Today's news is full of stories about how CTU is trying to woo Chicago alderman but I think the real story of the day might be the news that CPS doesn't have the $600K that it will take to implement the pilot Common Core project, that CTU won't share $600K it won from a union innovation grant, and that pilot schools won't get any additional money for being pilot schools.

Teachers union officials discuss 'better school day' in meetings with aldermen Tribune: ... social studies, physical education and the arts, rather than supporting Chicago Public Schools' plan to add 90 minutes of instruction a day this year at schools that approved the idea in exchange for incentives and teacher bonuses.

Union changes tactics on longer day Catalyst: "Nobody’s opposed to the 90 minutes. The union’s not opposed to it, there’s not one alderman that’s opposed to it; the only hurdle is how do we implement the 90 minutes,” Beale said (though the union most recently floated a proposal for a day that would be 75 minutes longer.)

Teachers Union Courts Aldermen CNC:  Union officials presented aldermen with folders that included an outline of the union’s proposal to extend the school day by 75 minutes. They also sought to garner support for their positions on other issues, such as teacher pay and class sizes.

CPS announces common core early adopter schools Catalyst: The 35 schools will not be given any extra money, but teachers will be freed up to go to professional development and their input will be taken into consideration when the common core is implemented at scale.

CPS seeks funds as it launches Common Core pilots Tribune:  On Monday, Chicago Teachers Union president Karen Lewis said its Common Core grant-funded work is being done independent of CPS' efforts.

Payton -- redeemed but still not schoolworthy Eric Zorn: then as now, sticking his name on an elite high school seemed like a hasty, sentimental decision that won’t  stand the judgment of time. Parks,  streets, gyms or even stadiums named for star athletes, sure ---   where, by the way, are the naming honors for   Michael Jordan, arguably a more significant talent than Payton? – but schools are different.

2 Fenger coaches removed after boy is attacked Sun Times: The boy’s mother told WBBM-Channel 2 her son was attacked by several youths after coaches allegedly drove the group to their home.

Ill. charter school commission gets 9 members Tribune: The board of education has recommended that Greg Richmond chair the commission. He's the president and CEO of the Chicago-based National Association of Charter School Authorizers.

Charter school finances under the microscope Tribune: Combined, the schools have about 47000 students — roughly 12 percent of all students within Chicago Public Schools — with thousands more on waiting lists.

U of C police to patrol three charter schools Clout Street: The University of Chicago Police Department is asking the city to extend the boundaries of its authority so it can help secure three charter schools.

South Loop Regional Gifted Center has stopped taking new students CPS Obsessed: One immediate issue is that there are now 28 fewer Kindergarten gifted spots in the city.  And that will probably affect entry scores in some way (driving them higher.)



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