More TIF Money For Schools - Someday

Today's biggest story seems to be the City Council's effort to stand up to the long-running diversion of TIF funding from schools (though its impact would be delayed).  The other big story is the Fenger football coach story.  See all of it below:

Aldermen Tell Emanuel to Change TIFs NBC:  The alderman said the funds should be given back to Chicago Public schools, for instance, to help retain teachers and pay for raises and equipment.

Aldermen Seek to Route TIF Funds to Schools CNC: If passed, the Responsible Budget Ordinance would require the city to release 50 percent of the total amount of unallocated funds in tax-increment-financing, or TIF, districts that have more than $5 million in surplus funds at the end of each fiscal year.

Aldermen sign on to CTU-backed TIF ordinance Catalyst: It would do little to cover the substantial deficit that is predicted in the coming years. Next year, the district is projecting that it will be in the hole $286 million and, in 2014, $861 million.

Two Fenger coaches removed after teens attack boy over flip-flops Sun Times: A man who said he was a football coach at Fenger Academy High School came over to student Darion Jones’ house Saturday morning to ask if the boy knew anything about a player getting robbed of his black Nike flip-flops. When Darion said no, the coach had a warning.

Chicago coaches removed over fight allegations Tribune: Chicago Public Schools has removed two Fenger Academy High School football coaches from their positions pending an investigation into allegations that the coaches were involved in attack on a teen at his home.

IBM grant to re-shape cuirrula, re-train staff at five technology high schools Sun Times:  The new high schools will be modeled after an IBM-shaped and bankrolled high school in Brooklyn that allows its students to attend grades 9 through 14 and graduate with an associate’s degree in computer sciences.

IBM finances revamp of Chicago tech high schools Tribune: IBM has awarded the Chicago Public Schools a $400,000 "challenge grant" to reshape the curriculum of five high schools and retrain their teachers to focus on math, science and technology "jobs of tomorrow."

Report finds Chicago's charter schools 'in good fiscal health' WBEZ: The group awarded Chicago's charter schools a B+ 2007 and B in 2008 for meeting key standards of fiscal accountability. But its 170-page report also found threats to long-term fiscal sustainability due to declining budgets.

Study Gives Revised View of Chicago School Improvements EdWeek: A new study looking back at nearly 20 years of data on Chicago's public schools suggests that changes in standards and in test-taking and data-reporting policies over time have led to misconceptions about the city's progress.

Despite solid scores, no AYP for RBHS Riverside Brookfield Landmark: A spokesman for the Illinois State Board of Education said that he could not release information on specific schools until Oct. 31.

With 42 kids in one class, Cassell School eyes solutions SouthtownStar: Chicago Public Schools spokesman Frank Shuftan said class sizes “are not a common problem.” He said schools make enrollment projections every spring but never know for sure how many students will be in a class until the new school year begins.

Common Inspires South Side Kids To Pursue Dreams, Not Crime Huffington Post: To motivate these youngsters to pursue their dreams and stay away from crime, the rapper established the Common Ground Foundation, a nonprofit that helps students tackle everything from homework to learning to prepare their own meals.

Michigan homecoming queen kicks winning field goal: Shortly after being named homecoming queen, a Michigan girl gave her fellow high school students another big reason to cheer: Brianna Amat kicked the field goal that proved to be the difference as Pinckney Community High School beat Grand Blanc 9-7 on...


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  • With regard to TIFs, the question is whether the current politicos are so enmeshed in the status quo, that for instance, when Huberman, in his few minutes as CPS CEO, was asked about it, basically said "well, TIFs paid for a few schools, so I'm not complaining." At least something like that.

    TIFs may have a purpose to finance infrastructure improvements, but using it as another corporate incentive, or, as implied by the Inspector General, to reward developers if they give to the Maggie Charity, is a bit much.

    However, given that Rahm has Carole Brown, formerly of the CTA, looking into this, indicates that the old incestual politics not really leading to reform still applies.

    Someone should really look into whether TIFs create enough economic development to pay for themselves, or just give the mayor a slush fund at the expense of other taxing districts, including the schools, also under the mayor's control.

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