More About Test Scores & Waivers

Here's lots more about the state test score results, the call for an NCLB waiver, and what the next version of the state report card might look like. As I wrote yesterday, changing the measuring stick (or getting rid of it) won't make Illinois schools any better than they currently are, and missing AYP by a subgroup or two isn't really such an awful thing to happen for a school.

Only 1.5 percent of state public high schools met federal progress mark Sun Times: Nearly 99 percent of Illinois public high schools failed to meet federal progress standards this year, state officials revealed Thursday in announcing plans to seek a waiver from the increasingly demanding federal No Child left Behind law.

Illinois falls further behind 'No Child' education targets WBEZ: Illinois education officials now say they'll seek an exemption from the act, which sets ever-increasing annual achievement benchmarks.

50% of IL High Schoolers Flunk PSAE Fox: Nearly half of all Illinois students flunked the latest round of state exams, and for Illinois 11th graders, it was the worst performance ever.

'New improved' Report Card on tap State School News Service:  The bill would require ISBE to prepare a new report card for every district and school by October 31 of 2013, and update the cards yearly thereafter.

Video: Q&A on state tests Statehouse News: ISBE boss Gery Chico and Illinois State Superintendent Chris Koch answer questions about poor standardized test scores in Illinois.



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  • The Big Money supported "Testing Culture" is a cancer in public education. Any researcher on testing and assessment will you tell that the present high stakes tests are bunk. Our tax money is being wasted on a gamed system!

  • In reply to Anonymous:

    You're right. Those tests are useless because most schools in CPS and around the country are cheating on them. Politicians, the Board, and CPS are probably getting kickbacks from these assessement companies. No one is going to take a stand against this crap so it's pointless to discuss it.

  • In reply to CPSD299:

    People have been taking a stand on the over-testing issue for years!

    Even when ITBS was the primary standardized test of CPS, teachers complained about its misuse. The test was intended to be used as a tool to drive instruction; instead, under Vallas, it was used to determine student promotion - then it was used to determine school status - then it was used to determine teacher quality. The makers of the test never intended for it to be used at a political tool for stigmatizing and punishing schools and teachers who live and work in low-income communities. Now they use standardized tests to break unions and drive a permanent underclass. They collect data about children and use it to drive an education market, not for the benefit of society at large, but by exploiting those most in need for the profiteering of those least in need. Pearson and others are Incorporated. Their sole purpose is to drive profit. Show need for more testing and sell. The more that schools, teacher, and children fail, the more need for testing and evaluation, and that translates into more testing contracts…if it means stigmatizing your child, your teachers, your schools, too bad. Create a crises and make money! Bottom line!

  • People have been taking a stand - but the american public has sold their own
    kids out - they pay no attention and deserve to be cheated. They openly admit their
    their elected officials lie to them, yet they parrot and spread the very rhetorical lies that they complain of - they rarely critically read educational research and rarely, if ever, consider the consequences of educational policy. the public reaction to the current 'controversy' is typical. Chicago politicians tell the public that an extended school day is the answer to their academic achievement problems … without consideration, they jump on the bandwagon.

    As for kickbacks, no doubt that assessment contracts are big big business. Just take a look at the CPS vendor documents - millions!

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