Measuring Marshall

There's a big package of stories about the turnaround effort in Catalyst that you should check out -- what do you think about what's going on there, and about the idea of turnarounds in general?  Is your school one of the other schools going through the process, and is it going better or worse than here?  Would the schools have been better off left alone?

Suspending progress? Catalyst: Over half of CPS high schools had in-school suspension rooms in the 2009-2010 school year, according to the latest figures from the Illinois State Board of Education.

A special push Catalyst: Students with learning disabilities (two-thirds of all special-education students at Marshall) spend more time in separate classes than is recommended by experts, and these classes often have watered-down curricula and low expectations.

Beating the odds Catalyst: Over the years, Marshall has vacillated between offering and scrapping an honors track for better students.

The turnaround and transformation vision Catalyst: Fraynd acknowledges that turnaround principals are in a precarious position: They need students, but don’t want to take just any student.

Last-ditch tactic Catalyst: Marshall is Stansberry’s second turnaround high school—she came to the school from Harper High in Englewood—and her third time as an administrator of a low-achieving high school.

Recapping Marshall Metro High School's first year in turnaround program WBEZ: Seventeen Chicago Public Schools are undergoing a special kind of transformation known as a turnaround.

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