Longer School Day Halloween Costumes?

Today's news includes a hodge-podge of items including the labor hearing about the longer day (don't care) and a Thomas Friedman column singing the praises of the Emanuel administration.  Anyone dressing up as a longer school day for Halloween?

Longer CPS school day to get state hearing WBEZ: The Illinois Educational Labor Relations Board is calling for a December hearing and will consider next week whether a preliminary injunction should be granted to stop the district’s “Longer Day Pioneer Program.”

Union's labor complaint gains steam Catalyst: by Rebecca Harris and Sarah Karp:  Even if the IELRB decides to seek an injunction against CPS, it would then have to convince Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan to file suit against the district for unfair labor practices.

Which way for US? Look to Chicago Houston Chronicle: Emanuel's pride and joy is the new mandate that he and his schools chief, Jean-Claude Brizard, pushed through for next year to have the school day for Chicago's 400000 students extended by 90 minutes and the school year by about a week.

Breaking Down Chicago’s TIF District Spending CNC:  The records were not listed by spending category, so the CNC categorized thousands of payments according to the type of spending, ultimately tracking all but 2 percent of the city’s TIF spending, and making it possible to provide a detailed breakdown of how TIF dollars were spent during Daley’s final two terms.

Progressives to meet CMW:  Miguel del Valle and Delmarie Cobb are calling a meeting of local progressives Saturday to assess the new political situation, which seems to be shifting daily.

Tight times but bigger salaries Chicago Sun-Times: As BGA President Andy Shaw told the Sun-Times' Rosalind Rossi a few months ago, “People who take over a struggling school system ought to implement some positive changes before they are paid ...

Casualties of a labor war: Last week a state labor board ordered a hearing on a Chicago Teachers Union complaint that school officials illegally "threatened and coerced" teachers into adding 90 minutes to the school day at 13 elementary schools.

North Lawndale student makes most of free ride at college Sun Times: Maintain a 3.0 GPA, score a 20 on the ACT college entrance exam — and get a free ride to college.

City Year hosts national 'dropout crisis' awareness drive for Northwestern ... Daily Northwestern: A little more than half of Chicago Public Schools students graduate high school after four years, according to City Year.

Casualties of a labor war Chicago Tribune: The union says that Chicago Public Schools officials violated labor law in how they went about persuading teachers at the 13 schools to spend more time each day in the classroom.

Suburban schools' dilemma: Mandates vs. quality Chicago Daily Herald: Roger Eddy, a Hutsonville Republican and downstate superintendent, argues that because suburban and downstate districts do more busing than Chicago Public Schools, they're disproportionately affected by the state's choice of which bills to leave unpaid...

No cupcakes here! Gold-medal school fights obesity Chicago Tribune: Teachers, parents and students have embraced the rigorous curriculum and kids even call it "fun." From the outside, it's a drab ...

School Rocks! with Cheap Trick: An Evening of Music for Students in Need Examiner.com: The event raises money through a concert, auction and donations to further San Miguel Schools' efforts to


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  • The latest pay raise story hit Thursday in the Chicago Sun-Times: “Even with 517 layoffs, $417 million in budget cuts and $220 million in higher taxes, fines and fees, Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s first city budget rewards a handful of top mayoral aides,” City Hall reporter Fran Spielman wrote.

    The justification for raises ranging from 7 to 41 percent?

    Alex, this should have been a headline. This proves what a fraud Emanuel is. He is not a real reformer, but merely eliminating those from who gained under Daley with the purported rationale of being fiscally responsible. He will enrich his own friends and the corruption will continue.

    As Daltry sang, "Here comes the new boss, same as the old boss." Its a shame too many Chicagoans were fooled again.

  • In the Catalyst artitle entitled "Union's labor complaint gains steam" written by Rebecca Harris and Sarah Karp they write, "Out of 339 unfair labor practices charges filed with the IELRB in the 2009-10 fiscal year, the executive director issued complaints and asked for a hearing in 44 cases, and recommended dismissal in 105. The others were withdrawn or settled. Lewis said Friday that the union wants to meet with Brizard after the Oct. 20 hearing. Lewis also said she believes that :the way the board works," CPS HAS NOT issued teachers the 2 per cent raises (bonuses) they were promised as part of the incentive to join the pilot."

  • Even though you say you don't care, the first two items seem to describe the procedural status of the IELRB's proceedings accurately.

    With regard to the prior thread, "CTU attorney Robert Bloch said 'there is sufficient evidence to expect that [the complaint] will be sustained'" doesn't mean it has yet. There might be, but remember all those who put their faith in the various statements of Blago's lawyers.

  • i'm told via Capitol Fax that Stuart Levine testified this morning in the Bill Cellini corruption trial that he also paid bribes more than 10 times to the Chicago Board of Education to get contracts for a bus company.

    anyone know who's in charge of bus contracts these days?

  • Good question - someone at 125 South Clark Street, Floor 16 should know!

  • I was enraged when I read Friedman's column. How about interviewing a teacher! Friedman supports laying off the lowest paid people in the city as a solution to the financial crisis or not giving career service their pension benefit! He is a bigger jerk than Rahm. Friedman calls himself a journalist. As a teacher, I give him a F for lack of sources, not checking facts and not showing both sides of an issue. I will give him an A for grammar and spelling. This from the NYT. Karen Lewis is right, we might as well have republicans in office.

  • Great points, Democrats are really Republicans in sheep's clothing. I refuse to vote for these chamelions-Obama too.

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