Gaming The Lottery In LA

Add the "founding parent' loophole to the long list of ways that charter schools are accused of manipulating which children get to enroll and who doesn't.  That's the gist of this LA Weekly story about how some of the most popular of the more than 200 charters in LAUSD -- Larchmont and Los Feliz -- have stretched a reasonable-sounding provision meant to ensure that parents who help found a charter get a spot - even when there are no founding parents, or when the school was founded long ago.  Read the article but don't forget that district schools have all sorts of ways of letting students lip in through the back door, too -- even without an official principal pick -- elastic definitions of when a school is full, falsified or unchecked addresses, unmonitored waiting lists, early notification of mid-year openings, etc.  And, unlike LA, Chicago doesn't have a handful of charters that have become wildly popular with middle and upper middle class parents (yet). Does IL law allow such a thing?  I need to check.


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  • I believe it and I know Chicago Charter Schools are doing the same corruptive practices or something similar to what Charter Schools Los Angeles do.

    Cheating the system through manipulating the lottery, selection process, or the results of the standardized assessment doesn't prove anything.  All it shows is how incompetent their teachers are because of the "Select Group" that they motivate, teach, help acheive.  Anyone can do that, try doing that with a group that is opposite of what "Select Group" is like.  If you can do that with them, then you have finally done something.  At this point, these Charter Schools have not proven anything to me that I don't already know.  Wait, I did learn something.  If you continuously scare or threaten a student and / or parent by telling them they will return to the neighborhood school community if their Charter School's demands are not met.  That is excellent administrative / classroom management, right?  Sarcastically saying of course.

    I am pretty sure that every child that is in the "Selective Group" is reading at or above grade-level.  How low-functioning and pathetic these adults are for messing with our children's future.  It's cool because it will be on their conscious, not mine.  At the end of One's time on earth, they are going to have to answer to Him when they get there.  Good luck and I hope your speech is ready because you have a lot of explaining to do.

    By the way, I have a question?  Are CPS Charter Schools limited STRICTLY to the children of Chicago?  If so, why is I see sports coaches from Perspectives Calumet, DuSable, Urban Prep, and many more Programs at football games in South Holland, Dolton, Harvey, Homewood, Chicago Heights, and Hazel Crest talking with in an attempt to recruit them to their school?  What is the policy on this?

  • In reply to CPSD299:

    Can CPSD299 clarify something in this post. Are you saying that charter school coaches from Chicago are attempting to get high school football players from these low income suburbs to transfer to their charter schools? Or are you saying they are going to elementary school level football programs and asking the students families to move to Chicago?

    If they are going to the high schools in these suburbs it is a very major violation. If they are going after kids in the elementary school level programs it is not. These programs are not covered by the rules that cover Illinois high school programs. At least that was the case when I was a CPS wrestling coach.

    Rod Estvan

  • here's the relevant law for IL, according to the folks at INCS:

    Section 27A-4(h) of the Act, 105 ILCS 27A-4(h), provides that “priority shall be given to siblings of pupils enrolled in the charter school and to pupils who were enrolled in the charter school the previous school year.” No other preferences are permitted, unless the school has an attendance zone, which is limited to no more than 1/3 of the charters in Chicago (no attendance zones are permitted in other Illinois communities).

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