"Fed Up With Lunch" Revealed

It was speech pathologist Sarah Wu all along!  It was so obvious!  How did no one figure that out?  Wonder what it's like in the lunchroom at her school these days.

School lunch blogger 'Mrs. Q' drops anonymity Tribune:  Beginning in January 2010, Sarah Wu, a speech pathologist in the Chicago Public Schoolssystem started eating school lunch and secretly photographing it every day, recording it on her blog Fed Up with Lunch.

'Fed Up with Lunch' exposes worst school meals USA Today: This week she is revealing her identity for the first time — Sarah Wu, 34, a speech pathologist in the Chicago public schools — and releasing her new book, Fed Up With Lunch (Chronicle Books). "With the blog, I really wanted a public record of these

Chicago school worker reveals self as school cafeteria food blogger Sun Times: A Chicago school worker ate and secretly photographed school lunch meals for a year and blogged about how bad they were. This week, she is revealing her identity for the first time and releasing her new book.

See her appearances on Good Morning AmericaThe View.


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  • The public has no clue about what goes on with the students who live in poverty at CPS. The school food is all these children have sometimes. It is a shame corporations are making a profit because of poverty and feeding children crap. In some cases, schools give students baths and do their laundry. Support Occupy Wall St.!

  • In reply to Anonymous:

    Can't one assume that these children in poverty are receiving food stamps? If the school lunch (and breakfast) is the only meal they get, then what is being bought with the food stamps? A pound of turkey, a loaf of bread, some apples or oranges and even a few Oreos for a treat. I could feed my kid lunch for $10 per week. Packing a lunch takes less than ten minutes. I support Occupy Wall St, too. I'm tired of being everybody's meal ticket.

  • In reply to Anonymous:

    I agree!! Why can't parents make lunch and breakfast? If they're not working, then they have the time. If they are working then they can afford $10 a week. For those who want to jump on mw, how much is an egg??? And a peice of toast and an orange? Cry me a river about poverty. A fried egg and toast and a banana is less than one dollar...so.....what's going on with those food stamps??


  • In reply to Anonymous:

    Betty yet, oatmeal (not instant) with raisins and applesauce. Fast, easy, cheap. Stays with you and is healthy.

  • In reply to Anonymous:

    All they have??? Because mom gets up at 2:00 in the afternoon? I remember when I went to a meeting at Medill. There were dozens of children playing on the upper floors of the projects next door. I asked the security guard why weren't these kids in school? He rolled his eyes (this was an older African American gentleman) and said their "mamas weren't up yet"

    Don't ask for my sympathy because your are bathing those kids. Let mama get out of bed in the a.m. or take those kids away.

    SICK OF IT!! Yes, I work for CPS, too. I want to teach, not to be a parent to someone else's children. I need the energy to raise my own children after a hard day's work.

  • Jean-Claud Press Release:

    These are CPS kids - let them eat cake! - and after we extend the school day, they can eat more!

  • This is Fat-Bastard-America! Nobody cares what they shovel down their pie-holes! … they don't care what they eat!; why would they care about what their children eat....have you tasted the Universal Breakfast? it's intergalactic! Like, from Uranus!

  • In reply to Anonymous:

    They only told us it was called Universal Breakfast…They never told which Universe!

  • In reply to Anonymous:

    This Halloween I want my kid to be the scariest kid on the block...That's why we're dressing him up as the CPS Universal Breakfast! Cheap and easy to make costume - just rummage through your neighbors garbage.

  • wu says that the response at the school hasn't been all that big, and the daily mail has more about how she pulled it all off here:


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