Bus Contract Bribery Allegations

Today's big news includes allegations from the Cellini trial that CPS officials took bribes for bus contracts -- a surprise and yet not a surprise, right?  No response so far from the folks at CPS who seemed surprised that this was coming.
Stu Levine admits vast corruption plots at Cellini trial Capitol Fax: Levine also said he paid bribes more than ten times to obtain Chicago Board of Education contracts for a bus company.Cellini's lawyer takes aim at star witness Tribune: Whether Stuart Levine comes off as a believable government witness or a drug-addled schemer not to be trusted is a key issue at Springfield power broker William Cellini's trial.

Illinois' senators want to advance aspects of jobs bill WBEZ:  U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., also agreed with the payroll tax cut, and added he's in favor of modernizing schools.

Kirk: Occupy Chicago feels like 'undisciplined, unfocused, unintellectual anger' WBEZ:  Illinois' two U.S. senators see the growing Occupy Wall Street movement in very different ways. Republican U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk criticized the Occupy Wall Street movement, including the Chicago branch.

Community Action Councils present their vision of local schools Catalyst: When they came together last year, during the tenure of former CEO Ron Huberman, the councils were a novel idea.

Take a stand against cyberbullying Chicago Parent: Common Sense Media, which is based in California, has ties to Chicago Public Schoolsthrough a grant from the MacArthur Foundation.

Waukegan middle school starts mariachi band Sun Times: When music teacher Jeanine Woodman first came to Webster Middle School five years ago in Waukegan, she saw a community with a strong Latino base and, with it, an opportunity for her students.

Teacher’s music an iTunes hit with students Sun Times: There are cool teachers, and then there’s Ron “Rocky” Wagner, a song-writing, hip-hopping physical education teacher at Summit Learning Center in Robbins.

High school sets bathroom visit limit for students AP:  Students at a suburban Chicago high school will have to hold it or risk staying after school.



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  • From CPS: Fourteen Chicago Public Schools (CPS) schools were honored by the U.S. Department of Agriculture at the White House today for their commitment to health and wellness amongst their students.

    In the first year, more than 20 CPS schools applied for certification in the Challenge’s Go for the Gold campaign and 19 were recognized at one of several achievement levels. The District’s goal is to have 100 schools certified by 2013.

    Schools which were able to send representatives to Washington today included: Air Force Academy High School, Calmeca Academy of Fine Arts, Jose De Diego Elementary Community Academy, Academy for Global Citizenship, Nathaniel Greene Elementary School, Rufus M. Hitch Elementary School, Cyrus McCormick Elementary School, Namaste Charter Elementary School, Passages Charter Elementary School, Manuel Perez Elementary School, Ana Roque de Duprey Elementary School, Irma C. Ruiz Elementary School, John A. Walsh Elementary School and Eli Whitney Elementary School.

  • It would seem that James M. Sullivan, the CPS inspector general should be all over this bribe claim by Levine. I recommend that people concerned about corruption in mass send Confidential Complaint Forms to the CPS OIG requesting a full investigation over the claims by Levine made yesterday in court that he bribed CPS officals 10 times to secure busing contracts. You can get the form at https://secure.cps.k12.il.us/ConfidentialComplaintForm/index.asp

    The public has a right to know who was on the take in CPS Procurements and Contracts, or if Levine was making this up.

    Rod Estvan

  • Good idea - but what if Mr. James Sullivan is on the take?

    According to this story from Substance, it seems likely


  • In reply to Anonymous:

    If you believe Mr. Sullivan is on the take also you can use the very same form to report him to his own agency.

    Rod Estvan

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