All *That* For Just 13 Schools?

Today's news is dominated by the revelation that CPS head JC Brizard has apparently waved a white flag on the ELT wars, sending a letter to CTU head Karen Lewis inviting her to help him out. Plus the rest of the day's news headlines:

Brizard failed to sway the rank and file to a longer school day this year Tribune: Friday, Brizard sent a letter to union leader Karen Lewis saying "the time is right to turn the Pioneer Project into a collaboration between the Chicago Public Schools and the Chicago Teachers Union leadership."

Brizard to union: 'Time is right' to work together Tribune: Chicago Public Schools CEO Jean-Claude Brizard sent a letter to the teachers union president Friday asking her to help pick 25 more schools that could implement longer hours beginning in January.

CPS’s Brizard to teachers union: You pick next 25 schools for longer day Sun Times: Chicago Schools CEO Jean-Claude Brizard Friday offered to let the Chicago Teachers Union select the next 25 schools to join a longer-school-day pilot — an idea union officials immediately rejected as “totally absurd.’’

Brizard Letter Urges CTU Collaboration Fox: Chicago Public Schools Chief Jean Claude Brizard told the teachers' union Friday that it's time the two bodies worked together on a longer school day.

New ordinance would force banks to guard vacant homes or face fines Tribune: Two of the first five houses immediately west of George Leland Elementary School are vacant, and the boarded-up home next to Sherman Carter's has long served as a haven for dogfighters and drug dealers, he said.

Proposal requires property owners to secure vacant buildings near schools Sun Times:  Members of the Chicago Teachers Union, city aldermen and public safety advocates gathered Sunday to announce a plan to help keep Chicago Public School children safe.

September Headlines: Budget suggestions, Chicago sports exits and the length of the school day WBEZ: While the sound of leaves crunching underneath may soon fill the air, one of September’s big activities has been number crunching.

The trial of school superintendent William McAndrew WBEZ: The Board of Education had hired McAndrew in 1924, telling him to clean up the school system. That he had done. Most of his reforms were applauded. But he'd also antagonized many people in the process.


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  • What's the matter Rahm, you didn't get your way in having more elementary schools vote for the longer school day?

  • What a punk move. "Inviting" CTU to pick the "next 25" schools for contract waivers on length of day. That's correct: The move is "totally absurd"!

  • After I read the following from Democracy Now!, you have to wonder what CPS is up to?

    A new government probe has corroborated the disclosure of a major corruption scandal within the New York City public school system. The Special Commissioner of Investigation for the New York City Public School District has confirmed that the firm Future Technology Associates has charged taxpayers between $110 to $140 an hour for the wages of workers it was actually paying ten times less. The workers were employed at dummy companies based in India and Turkey. To date Future Technology Associates has received $74 million in school system contracts. The scandal has led to the resignation of one school official involved in the fraud and company owners are expected to be indicted in the coming weeks. The report repeatedly cites the work of Democracy Now! co-host and New York Daily News correspondent Juan Gonzalez, whose exposure of the fraud kick-started the investigation two years ago.

  • I love Democracy Now! I am on track E and I watch it every morning I am off. I have not seen anything regarding Juan's reporting but it is certainly an interesting investigation. Yes, the corporations are raiding the education budget and not giving it to the students. Did anyone see the trailer for the documentary American Teacher? The young first grade teacher went back to school 6 six weeks after giving birth! She was trying to give to her own child and her students! It was an incredible image. If this does not get people to believe that teachers work hard, I do not know what will!

  • And 13 schools with few students. And the teachers were threatened and cajoled to do this or be replaced, etc. some of the schools were already working longer days under grants, he basically got nothing but bad will.....

  • Now that CPS's end run attempt around the CTU has failed, JC Brizard wants to meet with Karen Lewis about adding more schools for the longer school day! My, my, my! What's wrong Rahm, you didn't have as much clout as you thought you did?

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