Magnet School Madness Begins

It's already time for some parents to start thinking about what schools there kids might want to go to next year, and from what I'm hearing the process isn't all that much easier this year even though there aren't any big changes to the choice process and they finally got rid of obvious problems like principal's picks.

NPN School Fair 2011 CPS Obsessed:  The name “Magnet Cluster” has got to go.  It purposefully confuses all new parents.

Montessori Madness Little Kid Big City:  Either that, or be able to afford a home in the Oscar Mayer attendance area (Lincoln Park) or get extremely lucky with the lotteries at Drummond or Suder.

Magnet School Misinformation Christine Whitley: It doesn’t help when private preschools and daycare centers publish misleading materials like this:


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