What Did Lewis Yell At Emanuel?

Today's news: Lewis yelled (and may have sworn) back at the Mayor.  But she and Brizard kept it calm at their debate last night:

Brizard, Lewis talk education WBEZ:  They began so cordially, it was hard to tell they’ve been at war over a longer school day.

Heads of CPS, teachers union debate Tribune: The two sides waging a public tug of war over the future of Chicago Public Schools playfully sparred Tuesday night in a live debate over contentious issues including a longer school day and teacher pay and evaluations.

2 more schools opt for longer days Tribune: Two more public schools in Chicago decided Tuesday to break union ranks and approve longer days.

The Chicago School-Day Length Debate, and Other Models Chicago Mag:  Here's a long look at the difficulties of getting good information, and a look at the Japanese and KIPP approaches to the school day and year.

Lewis Implies She Swore at Rahm Emanuel Fox: It now appears there was foul language on both sides during a private meeting between Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the president of the Chicago Teachers Union. "I did not, um, I did not take it. Let's put it that way," said Lewis when asked if she cursed back.

Activist demands apology from Emanuel for alleged obscenity ABC7: Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis says Mayor Rahm Emanuel made a comment to her that included an obscenity during a heated discussion over lengthening the day at Chicago public schools.

Teachers union: Pattern longer CPS day after Emanuel kids’ school Sun Times: Using the elite private school where Mayor Rahm Emanuel now sends his kids as a starting point, Chicago Teachers Union officials have crafted a proposed schedule that adds 75 minutes to the typical public elementary school student’s day.

Teachers at Northwest Side elementary approve longer school day Sun Times: A Northwest Side elementary school became the sixth Chicago Public School where teachers have approved a waiver that would add 90 minutes to the school day.

City Enacting New Preschool Health Goals CNC:  Beginning in November, the city’s Department of Public Health will require children who attend preschool or day care centers in Chicago to spend less time in front of television or computer screens and more time participating in physical activity.

Washington Park charter school gets 'turnaround,' other campuses change management hands Catalyst: Five CICS campuses changed managerial hands from American Quality Schools to Distinctive Schools (another nonprofit) and Victory Education Partners.

CPS could get $609 million under jobs bill Tribune: CPS the nation's third largest school district--stands to gain $609 million in federal dollars to rebuild and modernize schools as part of the American Jobs bill headed to Congress.

New Trier grads find themselves competitors for NBC reality show Tribune: When she became the pre-kindergarten teacher at New Athens Elementary School last year, Alyssa Reppell not only took on the pressure of teaching all those little kids, she also ultimately is responsible for Uno, the 15-year-old class goldfish.

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  • I was there!

  • Hello, I am sending this email along with a copy to both the Sun Times and Tribune. I would like to tell you about the games begin played at Sexton Elementary. Even though, CPS and Mayor Emanuel would like the teachers to work a longer day ( paying us $3 an hour for the extra time after canceling my 4% raise, which they were contractually obligated to pay), that is not the biggest injustice that is happening at Sexton Elementary. We have become a divided staff, because CPS and our principal are pushing us to sign this waiver making our day longer, without giving us any concrete plans of how things would look. We have been in three meetings about this, and even though our principal says she will be on board with whatever we decide, that is not the case. Within hours of the conclusion of our first meeting she was on the phone with teachers amassing the troops to get them to vote her way. I know this to be fact. When things weren't looking like they were going to go her way, she started to play the "drop in enrollment card" and get the word out that she may lose 2 to 3 positions. You can guess what happens next, a miracle happened. Those 2 to 3 teachers who could possibly be the ones terminated have decided to vote YES. Our union delegate from our school will be voting Yes as well. She was one of the teachers who were steadfast in her beliefs but after a little phone call things have changed. The NO vote is still leading the charge, and our principal knows this. Her solution to combat this was to push the vote back until Monday, and allow all school personnel including school clerks and office staff to vote. The worst part about this is that the principal is the one who will be counting the votes. How corrupt is this system.

  • In reply to spottedcow:

    Dear spottedcow, the system is very corrupted! Make sure your teachers DONOT approve this wavier! Please contact the CTU and get their help! I will be praying for your school and your teachers!

  • In reply to spottedcow:

    Have faith spotted cow.

    CTU will send a field rep out to your delegate to get him/her thinking straight. If not at work, then at home. If not in person then by constant telephoning and by publishing his/her cell phone to some of those really mean delegates and field reps. "Scab" and "sell-out" will be the least of it. CTU knows how to put the screws to these do gooders. So don't you worry. Those mean ol' principals haven't cornered the market on dirty tricks you know.

    Then, you'll be flooded with CTU emails lying about the waiver and then some goon will stop by the school without notice. The new CTU is filled with organizers, you know . . . just not sure what they're organizing for.

    And, in the end, you will be rescued from the outrageous treachery of working a seven and half hour day with 125 minutes off within the day! Yeah team.

    Don't know why you guys can't get a plan, yet. Com'on cow, Karen Lewis's troops were able to scrape one up just by calling the lab school. Maybe you could call another. Try KIPP Charter. I understand they have a really teacher-friendly day. Or there are lots of schools that have had a longer day in CPS through waivers before. Why don't you cal them? I suggest retired principal but my guess is he or she wouldn't have a clue either..

    Really cow, plugging in the music, art, extra core, PE etc is the easy part. The hard part is just thinking about that 7 and half hour day.

    Good luck. And as a parent, I thank you for your dedication and good will. It's just awesome.

  • In reply to Anonymous:

    goons! What are you smoking down at central office? Oh wait! You're one of these new wonder boy/girl principals who hide in sanctuary of his/her office while Rome burns. Sorry, you had to take furlough days but let's face it no one is going to dock you if you are not at your job because your presence or lack of is not evn noted by the hard working teachers you are so quick to denigrate. Little minds equal little thoughts.

  • Mayor Rahm Emanual chose the University of Chicago Lab School for his children to attend. The Lab School has a similar short school day and a shorter school year than the Chicago Public Schools. The Lab School students and families enjoy longer vacations, spring and winter breaks together. The Lab School dismisses their students an hour early two days a week so that teachers have time to meet, plan and collaborate. The Lab School day is packed with arts, music and physical education. The Lab School teachers have a hour for lunch. The University of Chicago Lab School's day runs from 8 a.m. to 3:03 p.m. The Lab School year began Tuesday, September 6, 2011 and ends Thursday, June 7, 2012, which is a week earlier than the Chicago Public Schools lets out now! The University of Chicago Lab School has 171 instructional days!

  • This argument doesn't work for me for many reasons, but I find it offensive for one other reason. Last I checked, the Mayor was married to a smart, capable woman. Don't you think they decided what is best for them as a family? I don't know how you decided where to send your kids to school, but I bet you didn't dictate it to your spouse.

  • In reply to WestLooper:

    Wow, the idiocy of you attempt at spin was really mindless. Sure it would be better to say the Emanual's chose.. but its a rather pointless response to a much more critical question of how you equate the Mayor's insistence of lengthening the school day without strong supportive evidence that this lengthening actually improves learning outcomes (& unfortunately with what appears little planning beyond simply extending current instructional time.)

  • In reply to marrs96:

    CTU says it supports a longer day too -- a smarter day it says. This is an example of the mixed messages Zorn criticizes -- you parrot the CTU line about a lack of supporting evidence, while at the same time CTU is making a proposal for a longer day.

    As to a lack of planning, the teachers at 7 (and counting) schools clearly believe they can make good use of the time. If the parents are happy with the results, what are you going to say then? What better planning than actual experience?

  • Comparisons to the Lab School are useless. The children attending the Lab School do not have the same needs as children in CPS who often have much higher needs due to poverty, trauma, neglect and other factors. Children at the Lab School can read, many CPS students cannot. While we cannot change these facts,it only makes sense that children who are often farther behind need more time to catch up. This seems like common sense. I agree the time needs to be planned well but this argument is ridiculous. It is comparing apples and oranges.

  • In reply to Anonymous:

    So you're saying that since our CPS students experience poverty and trauma they should have a drill and kill curriculum? Now that is ridiculous! We should absolutely be comparing a successfull school curriculum to the current CPS curriculum. I think you're making the mistake of comparing parental wealth, which has nothing to do with what, how, or how much teaching and learning should be taking place. Comparing kids, whether rich or poor, is apples to apples.

  • In reply to Anonymous:

    Exactly apples and oranges, and that is why no one should expect that all children be on grade level. Nor expect that every teacher have a classroom of honor roll students, especially when any form of additional help to the teachers and schools is denied. Denied unless you comply to unscrupulous maneuvering by Rahm and his ilk.

  • Let's make everybody in the city rich! That way, our kids will excel in school. Eventually. (Pure snark.)

  • cps response to CTu 75 minute proposal

    "News reports have stated that the CTU has issued a proposal for a longer school day. This is a win-win for Chicago’s students and their future. A longer school day in Chicago is no longer a question of if, but when and how. We hope the CTU will begin to work with us in a collaborative way to structure the longer day and that CTU President Karen Lewis will reconsider her decision not to serve on our Longer School Day Advisory Committee. This advisory committee was created to engage all stakeholders in building the structure for a longer day to help our children succeed by including more time for literacy, math, science and enrichment programs like art, music and P.E. It includes a diverse cross section of organizations representing parents, teachers, principals, faith leaders and other stakeholders who want to be part of the discussion in planning this historic change in our system so that our students graduate college and career ready. We hope that Ms. Lewis will participate in this committee and join us in this process to help every child in every community get the world-class education they deserve."

  • In reply to Alexander Russo:

    At tonight's House of Delegates meeting, CTU Vice-President Jesse Sharkey said the union made no such proposal, but that "saying it was a proposal was Rosalind Rossi getting it wrong."

    Instead, the Union was just trying to point out that the length of time students are in school could be lengthened by 75 minutes right now without lengthening the teacher work day. This would require hiring more "specials" teachers (art, music, phys ed).

    The Union is not currently in negotiations with the Board over a longer school day, he stated.

  • Isn't that Longer School Day Advisory Committee bulked up with solid charter school and privatization boosters?

  • In reply to Anonymous:

    Alex, you have spent too much time in New York and forgot what Chicago Machine politics looks like. This is straight machine politics at its worst. Be honest the workplace set by Daley and now Rahm in the public schools has brought teacher morale to an all time low. That is what happens when you have amateurs and poseurs running CPS.

    Hey Alex, name one practice done well and over time by CPS that merits being called world class? Name one! No one looks at Chicago on how to organize its schools. The buck stops at the top and you can't argue your way out of that.

  • A good percentage of CPS teachers do not send their children to CPS schools. When my child was in a parochial school, it seemed like half the class had CPS school teacher parents. The Trib or Sun-times made a huge deal about this awhile back and teachers were outraged by the intrusion.

    You can agree or disagree with Rahm about education policy and you can admire teachers or not about their work and their work schedules . . . but leave their kids out of it.

  • Then why is she demanding an apology?!

  • 90 minutes next year is a done deal. We would extended the day at our school, but who watches the students at their 25 minute recess?

  • In reply to Anonymous:

    You might hire someone with the extra money for that purpose. . .that's what some schools are doing.

  • In reply to Anonymous:

    Not with 900 kids--how do you have recess with 900 elementary children? We are getting enough injurues now in the halls.

  • Lewis told Rahm , "grow up" and quit acting like a corner bully. Maybe Rahm is impotent and has to act in such a manner. He must feel "less than" to erupt in such a low class manner. More likely, he got called on his BS and he hates to be shown wrong.

    Sounds like this would be a great class discussion on Mayor Rahm's social skills or lack there of!

  • In reply to Anonymous:

    A corner bully does not carry Rahm's kind of power.

  • In reply to Anonymous:

    You're right. He's more like a Mafioso boss.

  • raise your hand is inviting parents and others to a meeting 9/27 to talk about extended day for next year -- someone passed this along to me

    Join us at Gannon’s pub (4264 N. Lincoln) after the event for a cocktail summit on extending the day.

    Please rsvp for the event: Coonley All-School Meeting
    Tuesday 9/27 at 6:30pm: Coonley Elementary (4046 N. Leavitt)

    Interested in the longer day issue? This is an opportunity to get an update about our participation in the CPS Longer Day Task Force. Come meet other parents from many different schools and share your opinions about extending the day at CPS. Hear from Alderman Ameya Pawar on his plan to invest money into the schools his ward. Follow up with a coctail summit at Gannon's Pub.

    Also, please keep passing around our survey.
    RYH Longer Day Survey
    We really want to make sure parent voices are heard in these decisions.


  • In reply to Alexander Russo:

    Any interest in bringing this to the south and west sides before January too (IRYH)?

  • Yes, we are discussing that. Do you know of any schools on the south/west side that would want to host a meeting? We have had a few meetings at Ariel but are looking for other schools to host. Thanks.

  • Sorry, WendyKatten, I don't know any schools to serve as host. I was thinking you could use the Woodson Regional Library of CPL on the south, however.

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