Two More Schools This Week

Today's miserable excuse for education news coverage is the announcement that CPS has created a new web page about the extended day proposal.  Seriously, is that all we're going to talk about all year?  It sort of feels like that, though I am sure there's lots else going on, good and bad.  How many additional schools do you think will sign onto the waivers this week, and how many over all?  My guess is two more this week and maybe 25 or 50 max depending on how long into the first semester they push this thing. Still nothing more than a symbolic victory for Emanuel, though CTU is working hard to make it into their own defeat.

Chicago Public Schools system launches longer school day website Sun Times: In the latest publicity move surrounding the longer school day touted by Mayor Rahm Emanuel, also will serve as a resource of information on the Longer School Day Pioneer Pilot.

CPS to launch website for input on longer school day Tribune: Chicago Public Schools is launching a new website  to get citywide input on how to implement a longer school day. District officials are inviting parents, students and teachers to e-mail their ideas.

CPS leaders quarrel over schools Columbia Chronicle: Hundreds of people crowded into an auditorium to watch what they thought would be a boxing match between the leaders on opposite sides of the.

Lawsuit: Student Lost Vision In Chemistry Demo Gone Awry Huffington Post: The mother of a 16-year-old southwest suburban high school student who lost his left eye during a chemistry demonstration has filed a lawsuit against the teacher she claims is responsible.




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  • Three more Chicago Public elementary schools went over to the "dark-side" and approved the 90 mintutes extended school schedule today!

  • Webinar waste of our time today. Now they want lunch served in the classrooms. Not one word on how all school breakfast wastes instructional time. AR--it will be nothing but this news--they should just let us get on with instruction. Bring in some expert from Boston--please--

  • Our students already eat breakfast and lunch at their desks. Adding ninety minutes to their school day is abusive. We have no playground, no lunchroom, the gym is too small for the school and no personnel to supervise the students. Once again, CPS has jumped into a one size, fits all approach. The blind, leading the blind, at CPS is the norm.

  • Rahm scandalous in not using the bribe money for more special ed services. Special Education Teachers cannot meet the minutes to meet the needs of special education students!!! The bribe money should be spent where it is really needed. Special education students are NOT getting the services they need. A travesty!

  • In reply to Anonymous:

    Rahm, 140 schools have no library and librarian. The bribe money can be used for that!

  • In reply to Anonymous:

    But with the extra minutes per day, there should be no problem meeting the minutes for all the Special Ed students.

  • In reply to Anonymous:

    Rahm Troll: What planet do you live on? It is not on planet CPS. Take your ignorant self of the conversation. Schools need more professionals fool to deal with the case load. Students are being cheated out of more minutes than you can imagine!

  • In reply to Anonymous:

    The bulk of the extra minutes are for non-instructional time and cannot be used to meet the minutes. We need more positions, period.

  • In reply to Anonymous:

    The Special Education Maintenance of Effort Requirement that is built into federal rules was several weeks ago undermined by the Duncan administration. School districts now have the green light to cut special education budgets significantly. It is possible there will be litigation over this, but I suspect deep cuts are coming.

    There will be no additional money for new special education positions. If you are a subscriber to Education Week there was a major front page article on this in last week's issue.

    Given the fiscal crisis we are in and the real possibility it will get worse, we have to think about having dual certified teachers with both special and regular certificates. The students with lower service requirements will ultimately have to be serviced by these cross certified teachers largely inside of regular classes.

    I do not believe that special education lobbyists like myself, parents of these students, and teachers will be able to stop the General Assembly and the Governor from making cuts to the special education funding to school districts. We will try but it is unlikely we can stop it.

    Rod Estvan

  • In reply to Rodestvan:

    What the hell are we going to do as we watch sped students sink and drown? A parent

  • You'd think Emanuel, with his ties the Alexrod, who is father to a profoundly disabled daughter, would be an advocate for CPS sped. But he does nothing and sanctons Brizard's inaction. Shame.

  • kugler writes that the brizard article to principals indicates some wrongdoing on the board's part -- will the early waiver votes get un-done? i doubt it.

  • OT, but does anyone know the answer to this?
    The Columbus Day holiday falls during the Track E break. Do we lose this holiday? There are several rumors:

    Those answering phones at CTU just say to look at your check to make sure you only have 9 days of deferred pay deducted - instead of 10 - and if that happens, file a grievance. Big woop. How did this get past them when the calendar was approved last spring?

    I've also heard that they may cancel Sept 30 (a staff only day) but I think it's too late for that now. Our delagate says we get out one day early in June. Someone else says we just lose it like we lost Lincoln's birthday when it fell on a Saturday.

    Anybody know?

  • We will get the day back at the end of the year. Last day of school for regular track is Friday, June 15. Last day for Track E is Thursday, June 14.

  • Agreed. There is more going on than the longer school day. Another round of layoffs and reorg changes this week. Impact unknown.

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