The "Pet Goat" Kids Are Seniors Now

Three education-related 9/11 moments, and an update:  In Farenheit 9/11, Michael Moore showed us the video of the event during which the Commander In Chief seemed stunned and uncertain as the Twin Towers were being attacked.  The New Yorker then told us about the story (The Pet Goat) that students were reading.  A SF blogger named Peter Smith had discovered the story was actually a reading exercise in a Direct Instruction textbook (text here).  Now there's a pretty fascinating AP story about what happened that day in that school and what's happened to the educators and students -- now high school seniors --since then.

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  • PURE recalls that fateful beautiful day - what were you doing on 9/11 and what do you remember from those times?

  • How Arne Duncan was a poor leader that day. There was a rumor (proven in the terrorist plan,) that a plane may be aimed at Sear’s tower. This was around 1:30. Workers at 125 requested to leave; to be with their families and their children in school. (One could already see from 125’s windows, people walking quickly with purpose as they left downtown.) Arne refused to let anyone leave 125. I was a manager then and I let my department employees go. I stayed until the designated 5:30. I will never forget the eeriness of the emptiness of downtown as I walked to my CTA station. If there is anything to feel good about, it is that I let my employees go to be with their families. I stayed so that there would be someone to answer all phones-AD would not know my department had left. I was reminded by your question above, how AD made us feel that day.

  • brizard watched the twin towers attack from a brooklyn rooftop, according to this sun times story -- how about you?

    i walked my ex's kids to school that day, trying to explain why someone might have driven a plane into the tower, then got home to find out that the second plane had hit and that parents were being called to pick their kids up.

    is that what happened at all the schools? i remember daley was worried about an attack on the sears tower

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