The Best First Day Ever

Today's news is all about how the first day went -- perfectly, far as the newspapers have it, though I know that's probably not entirely true. Plus lots of reactions to the three schools that waived the schedule, and coverage of the opening of a few new schools:

Emanuel Expands Push for Longer School Day CNC:  CTU Vice President Jesse Sharkey said the roughly 60 teachers at the three schools that approved a longer day do not represent the overall sentiment of CPS teachers.

Cash incentives will continue for schools moving to longer day WBEZ:  Chicago’s public school district will keep offering cash incentives to teachers and schools that add 90 minutes of class time to their school day.

Despite first-day jitters, a smooth start at Perez Elementary School Sun Times:  Manuel Perez, Jr. Elementary School Principal Vicky Kleros stands outside on the first of school for Chicago Public Schools on Tuesday, September 6, 2011.

Mayor visits 3 schools that voted for longer school day Sun Times:  Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Tuesday morning visited the three Chicago Public Schools where teachers last week voted in favor of a controversial proposal to add 90 minutes to the school day this year.

Emanuel urges parents to demand longer school day Sun Times:  Mayor Rahm Emanuel focused on parents Tuesday in his quest for a longer school day, saying they should demand the extra hours teachers already approved outside the Chicago Teachers Union contract at STEM Magnet Academy and two other schools.

Photos: New Catholic school opens Sun Times:  Old St. Mary’s School welcomed over 260 students to their new school building Tuesday, September 6, 2011. …

Teachers union accuses CPS of emotional blackmail over longer school day"  Mayor Rahm Emanuel and schools CEO Jean-Claude Brizard raised the stakes Tuesday in their effort to add 90 minutes to Chicago's school day by offering financial incentives to all elementary schools that adopt the plan even as negotiations with the Chicago...

Language immersion program encourages participants to dive in headfirst Tribune: The summer before Leslie Lancry went off to college in 1986, she transformed the backyard and basement of her Winnetka home into her very own French language immersion school.

New Haitian high school named in Chicagoan’s honor Last year’s massive earthquake in Haiti killed Chicagoan Andrew Grene, but his identical twin made sure his brother’s hope for the country lives on in a Port-au-Prince high school named in his honor.

Illinois top earners rake in overtime Statehouse News: Wood is joined by Robert Stanley Rupnik, chief investment officer for the Illinois Teachers’ RetirementSystem, or TRS, as some of the state’s highest paid employees in 2010.


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  • Divide and conquer is the rule. CTU members, stay united and strong! Mayor Rahm Emanuel is making a mistake. Rahm is uniting the majority of CTU members against the unfair policies of CPS! P.S.- Remember, you need 75% of CTU members to vote for a strike!

  • catalyst has something about early childhood absenteeism -- apparently there's lots of it

  • attendance was up! says CPS

    CPS First Day Attendance Jumps to Four Year High

    Chicago Public Schools (CPS) announced today that first day attendance numbers for regular start schools (Track R) on Tuesday, September 6th, was 94.7%, up from 92.9% last year. This represents the highest attendance for Track R schools since CPS began recording attendance figures using a new tracking system several years ago.

    The District previously reported an increase in first-day attendance at Track E schools, which began August 8th, to 88.1%, up from 86.8% in 2010.

    how was attendance at your schools, and why is the regular calendar called Track R, again, and the year round one called Track E?

  • In reply to Alexander Russo:

    E for Early Start, R for Regular.

  • In reply to Anonymous:

    thanks, anon --i should have figured that one out on my own but obv needed some help.

  • In reply to Alexander Russo:

    Alexander, this is the annual lie that CPS tells about the attendance figures for the first day of school. Teachers and ESP's, what was the real student attendance at your school?

  • Sooooooooo, how much money did CPS loose because Track E started early and had inferior attendance numbers as compared to Track R. Come Brizard, take it like a man and tell me how much money this cost????????

  • Why isn't anyone talking about all the layoffs at network offices and central office today? JUST ONE OFFICE? Where arealll the teahcers gone?

  • In reply to noname:

    Dear noname, what information do you have about this?

  • Human Resources met with area staff yesterday to individually discuss the termination notices. The remainder of the areas are to be notified today. Basically, area staff last day of work is October 15; last day for benefits is October 31. 5 network positions will be advertised on Friday with applications due on Monday: Deputy Network Chief, Data Stratiegest (forgive the misspelling), Instructional....Lead, Family and Community Engagement Manager and Executive Assistant. That's it as far as network positions.

  • In reply to Anonymous:

    Dear Anonymous thanks!

  • help a reader out? "I have noticed in a couple articles from the internet that laid off tenured teachers from 2010 are beginning to file class action suits. Do you have any information about these? I would like to be a part of one. I was laid off after almost 19 years with Chicgo Public Schools."

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