Rating Preschools Instead Of Expanding Them

There's always a lot of media coverage when Mayor Emanuel announces something new like this rating system for early childhood programs, but sometimes I'm not sure what the big deal is.  Isn't the main problem with early childhood that  there aren't enough programs, and that they aren't good enough?  Nothing against early childhood programs but I can't help but remember when CPS and the state were expanding these programs and it seems like they've been forgotten by so-called reformers who've focused on charters and teacher quality.

City to launch 5-star rating system for early childhood programs ST: Choosing a pre-school, daycare or Head Start program for a young child can be a confusing experience for parents, but the city hopes to make it easier with a new five-star rating system unveiled Wednesday.

Under Emanuel plan, Chicago preschools will be rated Tribune: Parents will be able to compare city-funded preschools using a standardized rating system Mayor Rahm Emanuel plans to start in Chicago. The new system, which will be featured on a website, won't be up and running in Chicago until July at the earliest...

Chicago to launch mandatory rating system for early childhood providers Catalyst: Mayor Rahm Emanual announced on Wednesday that starting next July, government-funded child care, Head Start and preschool providers will be forced to participate in a quality rating in which they can earn up to five stars.


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  • And just who exactly will be creating this rating system? Will it be someone who has no clue what preschool is all about? I'm a preschool teacher and I find often when we are evaluated, the person who is evaluating us is someone who has never step foot in a preschool classroom before and just completed some week-long training to become a preschool "expert". I'm fine with being rated and evaluated, but let me be rated and evaluated by someone who is familiar with preschool and knows what to look for when they step foot in a preschool classroom.

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