Minority / Majority

More cities are becoming "majority minority" and but I'm wondering if the overall numbers mean anything to folks in Chicago where neighborhoods (and schools) are so segregated.  Do you feel like a majority or a minority in your neighborhood, or school, and if so what creates that feeling?  Are you part of the majority or the minority among educators or parents at your school or in your office unit, and does it ever seem to matter?  (Or are you an oblivious white person who's part of what some people call the invisible race?)


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  • alex kotlowitz reminds us that white people don't like to talk about race with each other (they don't have to) and avoid talking about it with other races by self-segregation


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    hmmmm. ...that sounds like a stereotype...My family is white and race is something we are very interested in. We are lifelong Chicago residents that haven't left our Southside neighborhood.

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