Hell Is A Mixed-Income School

Everyone claims to want a school that's diverse economically and racially but the reality is that there's a special hell for schools that aren't high-poverty but aren't high-acheiving yet, either.  They don't have the poverty money from the state or feds, or the track record of accomplishments that attracts parents, donors, and all the rest.  They just sit there, sliding a bit or improving here and there as the neighborhood around them changes. They're not as good as the parents think, or as they used to be relative to their counterparts.  Some of the hardest of these to watch are the schools in gentrifying neighborhoods, where poverty funding is on the decline and student demographics are changing as resources are dwindling.  It can and does get very ugly, which is why I've only half jokingly called for a School Gentrification Czar to help with the difficult transition.  WSJ story from yesterday is here. [Cross posted from TWIE]



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  • This is so very true. We're stuck in that at our school right now. Just enough of the problems (high ESL population, high sp. ed. population) that scores stay frustratingly low, but also dwindling funds due to changing demographics. So at this point we're a poor school without all the money that usually goes to poor schools.
    Ironically, because the school was doing well before, the neighborhood put faith in it and started sending their kids (before 90% of kids came from outside the area) to the local school. But not enough that we have complete turnover either.

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