Duncan's Drive-By

EdSec Duncan was in town last week, selling the Obama jobs / education bill and other wishful ideas:

U.S. Education chief Arne Duncan: Double teacher salaries Sun Times: "I think we need to double salaries for teachers. We need to start them at a much higher level.”

Illinois Schools to Get $2.3B Under Obama Jobs Plan CNC:  The bill earmarks $60 billion for education, split evenly between saving teacher jobs and modernizing the nation’s facilities. Of that money, Illinois will receive roughly $2.3 billion, Department of Education officials said Friday.

Duncan supports Indiana’s school reforms WBEZ: Indiana’s schools Superintendent Tony Bennett has been getting a lot of heat for his state’s aggressive move to take over five poor-performing schools in recent weeks.


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  • runcie is a finalist in FLA

  • I will write a recommendation letter so Runcie can get a one way ticket out of CPS. Another Broady failure. Totally incompetent running ITS and now doing anything but earning his salary. Ft. Lauderdale take this slacker...

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