Coleman & Burnham Say "No, Thanks"

Today's biggest news might be that CPS has admitted two schools have said no to the waiver proposal -- or it could be that CTU is suggesting five folks to be on the extended day committee that Lewis said she wouldn't serve on.  TGIF. Links below.

Roscoe Village grammar school picks up national award Sun Times: All students at Audubon Elementary in Roscoe Village are learning Spanish, starting in prekindergarten. All kids get at least 10 minutes of recess a day.

Northside Prep, Audubon Elementary named Blue Ribbon Schools Tribune: Two Chicago Public Schools were named Blue Ribbon Schools today by the U.S. Department of Education. Northside College Prep High School, one of the most competitive schools in the city with rigorous admissions requirements, and Audubon Elementary School,...

Principals caught in CTU, CPS longer school day battle  ABC7: The Chicago Teachers Union has a proposal that would add 75 minutes to the school day. Chicago public school officials say that's a good sign that a longer day is no longer a question of if, but when and how.

CTU proposes 5 candidates for longer school day panel ABC7: The Chicago Teachers Union has proposed five candidates to serve on the Chicago Public Schools Longer School Day Advisory Panel. Union President Karen Lewis says she won't serve on the committee.

Grades Changed at a CPS School to Help Students Graduate Fox:  It's not the first time grade changing allegations have surfaced in the Chicago public schools. Last year CPS's Inspector General found the grades of former Simeon basketball star Derrick Rose and some teammates had been changed to help keep them .

Two schools reject early start for longer school day, CPS says Sun Times: Coleman and Burnham Elementary were “the first” schools in which teachers formally refused to waive the existing teachers contract, by 11-9 and 9-8 margins, respectively, CPS officials said in a news release.

Shiny charter school for the Southwest Side WBEZ: The ultra-modern steel and glass structure stands out in a neighborhood of tidy brick bungalows. There are three levels of floor-to-ceiling windows.

Austin Polytech: Creating Healthy Futures Catalyst:  Some of the teachers were given poor evaluations and asked not to return.  Some students took disciplined action in support of those teachers and were suspended.  We have a new principal—the third as we enter our fifth year.

Chicago Consortium results for schools; Mixed results ChicagoTalks: A study by the University of Chicago released this week is highlighting strengths and weaknesses in Chicago Public Schools.

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  • here's the CPS press release about the two schools from yesterday afternoon, FYI:

    September 15, 2011

    Teachers at Two More Schools Vote for a Longer Day, While First Two Schools Vote Down Waiver to Add 90 Instructional Minutes

    CHICAGO – Teachers at two schools voted in support of waivers that will add 90 minutes of instructional time to their day for more reading, math, science and enrichment programs like art, music and physical education to help boost student achievement at their schools. The addition of these two schools brings the total numbers of schools participating in the Longer School Day Pioneer Program to nine. Two schools also voted down waivers that would extend the day becoming the first schools to do so since CPS announced this initiative on September 6.

    Schools voting in favor of waivers to extend their school day include:

    John Fiske Elementary School, 6145 S. Ingleside Ave. – 60% of teachers in favor (12 yes, 8 no); September 26 start
    Julia Ward Howe Elementary School of Excellence, 720 N Lorel Ave, – 87% in favor (33 yes, 5 no); October 17 start

    Schools voting against waivers to extend the day include:

    Johnnie Colemon Elementary Academy, 1441 W. 119th St. – 45% of teachers in favor (9 yes, 11 no)
    Burnham Elementary Inclusive Academy, 1903 E. 96th St. – 47% of teachers in favor (8 yes, 9 no)

  • In reply to Alexander Russo:

    Doesn't ANYONE notice the LOW number of teachers-staff at these schools?! They are afraid of closing =of course they vote yes. Sad for them since their schools will probably have to close anyway, but they will get about $1000 each. The PSRPs get nothing! Do the ESPs. already working longer, get the raise?

  • According to the Chicago Public Schools website there are 536 elementary schools which includes 52 charter elementary schools. So far 9 elementary schools have accepted the 90 minutes wavier. If you subtract the 52 charter elementary schools and the 9 wavier elementary schools from this total that leaves 475 elementary schools that have not accepted the wavier! According to the Substance News website, at the Chicago Teachers Union's House of Delegates meeting on September 14, 2011, "During the meeting, wavier votes were announced in which several schools voted against the longer school day, to loud applause." "While currently compiling the corporate data is pumping up the fact that now seven (nine) elementary schools have bucked the union and voted for a longer school day (no need for Rahm to cut off their interviews, right?), the fact is perhaps 100s of schools have said no." "The union is currently compling the data as delegates call in to say they voted no - either formally or informally - against waiving their contract rights and agreeing to a much longer school day (90 more minutes per day, and two extra weeks)."

  • take the survey

  • I know of one school where 100% of the staff voted no to the longer day. I find it curious that while that vote was taken over a week ago, that has not been reported in the news.

  • In reply to teacherparent:

    Unfortunately, CPS does not report information people ned to know. For example; the amount of staff assaulted, the number of students assaulted and OSHA/EPA violations in schools. Principals are discouraged from filing incident reports and have actually threatened staff for dialing 911.

    The amount of vandalism to employees' cars is often minimized.
    Last week the counselors/case managers were forced to attend a meeting at a charter school on the west side. While they were in the meeting a counselor/case manager had her tires removed and another one had her plates stolen and then received a ticket because she didn't have plates.

    Is common sense completly absent at CPS?

  • The teachers at my daughters school voted No. I do not know if it was a formal vote. My understanding was that there is not adequate time to get a meaningful curriculum together for the extra minutes. The money would be nice but I am glad to see that our teachers care about the outcome and want it planned right . Our school is a very popular Magnet on the Near-west Side.
    I also know of another popular Magnet school by the United Center that said No.
    So many under performing schools have nothing to lose and will probably jump at the money. I think the Stem and Skinner decisions were linked in some way because of the administration connection and also they have a small population of students because they are adding a grade each year , the teachers are very young and new. I know that Disney II always had a longer day and had a hard time funding it ( so that was no surprise) . As for Melody and the rest werent they all on probation?

    I dont see Andrew Jackson, Lasalle, Blaine, Burley, Skinner West, Stone, Nettlehorst Galileo, Lasalle !!, Suder, Drummond, Pritzker, Burr, Mayer, Alcott , etc jumping at the bait

  • You are right. When the vandalism happened to teachers cars at Chicago Agricultural, the principal did nothing. Cameras are needed in the parking lot.

  • Why blame the principal? Call 911 and report it. Principal's tell the police, but there is nothing else they can do about it. Right, the principals have the money to buy cameras and security systems--this is only apporved by CPS safety and security NOT the principals. Where is the $$ to come from?

  • here's the NYT's take on the situation, which makes it sound like CPS expects a few more schools to agree to the extended day but also makes it clear that this is rahm being rahm

  • Our union delegate retired at the end of last school year. We are electing a new delegate Monday after school. The principal insisted that the waiver vote be held Monday morning.

    Rahm has taught her well.

  • A waiver vote that is not conducted by the delegate, and for which 48 hours notice is not given to the bargaining unit members who will be voting is a contract violation. If the principal insists on going ahead with the vote, contact the CTU and file a grievance!!

  • If I file a grievance I'll be replaced by a TFA'er before Christmas.

    The last few months have shown me that our contract is meaningless.


  • Your fear is completely understandable. If you are uncomfortable filing a grievance, please do find a way to contact the union anyway to let them know about the inappropriate waiver vote. Get the information to them as quickly as possible so that they can follow up.

  • THE DISHONOR ROLL- Skinner North, Melody Elementary, STEM Magnet Academy, Mays Elementary Academy, William H. Brown Elementary, Nash Elementary, Disney II Magnet Elementary, Fiske Elementary and Howe Elementary School of Excellence. Rahm, you just have 475 more Chicago Public Elementary Schools to go. You had better step on it. Oh that's right, now you are going after the Chicago Police Department Union. After them, I guess the Chicago Fire Department Union will be next!

  • Our principal "didn't care" what we decided a week ago when we had a *very* informal vote. Now this principal feels we need to be on the "right" side of things when more schools get on board (she assumes they will). Makes me think principals are being offered certain assurances that they will not be as heavily scrutinized by the new regime in the course of this year if they can get their teachers to take the bait. Thanks but no thanks. I have a contract.

  • Be very careful! This is exactly how it started at our school. "I'm nuetral." "I don't care." However, rumor has it our principal did EVERYTHING from threats to bribes to get this passed. It passed. Now I'd like to see exactly where this money is going!! Are you kidding me? Let's give CPS more cash to spend/waste! Rahm & Brizard are clueless. If they knew anything might occur to them that by taking a "contracted" raise away AND lengthening the school day - teachers may become angry & resentful. Do they really think teachers are motivated by this? HHmmm.....this will really help the kids. I know I will not be working as hard or as long as I have been. I am also going to stop spending so much of my own money on my classroom. I am hoping the union wins this lawsuit. VOTE NO!!!!

  • I have no intention of voting yes. My family is prepared to strike next year. I am through being a doormat for CPS.

  • Julie . . . tee hee . . . Woestehoff?! Hahahahahahahahaaaaaaaa. She sold her organization to the highest bidder and completely sold out parents. Others have stepped in and doing a much more credible and not so union-centered job. Woestehoff has not crediblility.

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