Code Yellow For Illinois

Red, yellow, green -- it's the familiar color scheme long used to warn us of terrorist threats (and to tell us when to accelerate).  Only now it's applied to state education outcomes.  Illinois is a yellow, with 10 green states doing better (much better, in some cases) and 10 red states doing worse. Color-Coded Maps Rank States' Education Performance via GOOD.



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  • It wasn't so long ago that reformers were calling teachers criminals- thus, schools and the teachers within them are so frequently put on 'probation'. But the damage wasn't good enough… now, reformers have found a way to bump teachers up to terrorist status.

  • Love how UC tells the CPS data sham, but hires the perp for $500K for 5 years. No intergrity.

  • Alexander,

    Have you heard anything about Terrance Little at Phillips H.S. being fired for a cheating scandal at the school?

  • In reply to Anonymous:

    if his is that's good because he had it bad putting his hands on woman's he should have been fired from the broad I don't know what they was waiting on stopping people from giving the kids the help that they really need how can you aloud a person like this in the school system.

  • Is this the Terrance from/through AUSL? if so--wow.

  • Yes it is the Terrance from AUSL.

  • Well is it true or not that Terrance Little was fired?

  • According to the AUSL website, Devon Horton is listed as the principal at Phillips - not Terrance Little.

  • Yes, this is true. I've heard that it was CPS that did the firing and not AUSL, for what its worth. I'm not sure why he was fired but I can imagine more than one situation that would warrant it.

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  • Terrance Little was not fired for putting his hand on a women. Before posting something please have all your facts straight. This is how peoples lives get destroyed by giving out false information.

    He was fired because for taking a stand for something he believed in...And thats education our youth..

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