Board Meeting -- $44 Million To Go

Today's news is all over the place but we should probably pay most attention to what happened at yesterday's Board meeting and the ongoing CPS budget woes:

Chicago Board of Education Recap CNC: Classes are in full swing at Chicago Public Schools, but district administrators continue to move forward with a number of layoffs as they work out the details of a system-wide reorganization.

CPS still looking to save $44 million to balance budget Catalyst: On Wednesday, Brizard revised those figures. He said he needed to find $107 million in cuts and has so far come up with $63 million.

Some teachers make house calls MSNBC: Many teachers and principals are voluntarily making house calls, claiming it’s making a huge difference in their students’ grades.

Chicago to lengthen school days in 2012 MSNBC: Mayor Rahm Emanuel explains why some Chicago elementary schools will add an extra 90 minutes to their days.

Teachers Paid Less in Higher-Minority Schools EdWeek: In many ethnically diverse school districts across the country, teachers in schools that serve the top quintile of African-American and Latino students are paid significantly less—approximately $2,500 per year—than the average teacher in such districts.

Turning Students Into Teachers CNC:  Students enrolled in the Chicago Urban Teacher Academy at Wells take a four-year curriculum in partnership with National Louis University designed to focus on best practices in teaching. One day per week students work in classrooms at one of three nearby elementary schools – Peabody, Talcott or Moos.

Study says Illinois part-time students struggle to complete secondary degrees WBEZ: The Illinois data says 24 percent of the state's part-time students finish four-year Bachelor's degrees in eight years, while 10 percent finish two-year associate degrees in four years.

No Child Left Behind waivers could offer flexibility for Illinois schools WBEZ: No Child Left Behind was created to improve national standards for academic achievement and accountability in schools. But almost a decade in, school districts in Illinois and around the country were struggling to meet standards set by the act.

Cops: Teacher sent ‘inappropriate’ photos to student ST: Aurora police received a tip about the photos on Sept. 19 and immediately began an investigation, Aurora city spokesman Dan Ferrelli said.

Eighth graders secure funding and permission for wind turbine project at Prairie Crossing Tribune:Chicago parents will be able to check out a standard rating system to tell how effective city-funded pre-schools are under a new program Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced today.

CTU president says she never agreed to join advisory panel on longer school days Tribune: Initially, Lewis had said she was unwilling to join the committee because of politically connected individuals on the group.

Chicago looks at analyzing, reducing youth shootings in two parts of city Tribune: The Chicago Youth Shooting Review would look at all shootings involving people younger than 21 in the Harrison Police District on the city's West Side and the South Chicago Police District on the Southeast Side.

CPS starts working out details on the Common Core Tribune: Officials said details of the sorts of supports—financial and instructional--to be offered the 35 schools still has not been fully determined.



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  • attendance comes in at 94.7 percent for Track R schools, according to CPS -- one school in woodlawn got a $3k gift card for being at over 99 percent

  • standard and poor's upgrades CPS, according to crain's

  • CPS is reaching out to LBGT students in aftermath of bullying death, according to medill

  • prepare for further bludgeoning, schools and teachers of chicago -- there's a friday event at a think tank called CAP in DC about extended learning and edsec duncan is going to be there

  • From CNC BOE meeting round-up: "Several parents spoke at Wednesday’s meeting in support of a longer school day but also emphasized the importance of improving quality and reducing the emphasis on test preparation as part of any additional time in CPS. The majority of parents were from schools where teachers voted to lengthen the day: STEM, Skinner North and Disney II." How many students do each of these three schools have and what is the racial mix of the student body? I don't believe they are high poverty and all-black or all-Latino schools. It'd be more interesting to hear from schools like that -- like MOST schools in CPS.

  • Does anyone know the the board rules that were recinded at the Bd of Ed meeting in regard of complying with SB630?

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