Arne's Revenge

Remember how much Arne hated the NCLB-mandated SES tutoring program, which required schools to offer after school tutoring if they didn't meet AYP (and required CPS to give up to 20 percent of its NCLB allocation to pay for it)?  Well, after all those years he's apparently getting his revenge. When states get their NCLB waivers -- up to 25 of them in the next year or so, according to one CCSSO estimate  -- the districts get to start keeping their SES allocations instead of "giving them away." Whether districts like CPS will do any better with the not insubstantial amount of money than the tutoring companies is anyone's guess, though history suggests that the money will be frittered away on this and that and student achievement at those schools doing the worst won't get much better.  (The SES tutoring wasn't all that great, either, to be fair.)  One way or the other, it will look and feel like a big increase in funding from Washington, which is sort of like finding money in the pants you haven't worn since spring.  All you SES vendors, sorry! Unless you can persuade CPS that you're good and important enough, or convince individual LSCs and principals to use what little poverty money they still get, you are out of luck.

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