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As you can see from this roundup of posts and comments, folks have been talking about Track E attendance, NCLB waivers, the CPS budget proposal hearings (and all things budgety), and a few other things -- but what's on your mind / at your school / in your office?

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  • educatorgal says:

    Wondering how many teacher candidates have gotten an interview via CPS' online applications system. Also wondering why CPS keeps adding steps to the application without informing users. I just logged on and saw that the TeacherFit section, which I completed months ago, was for some reason no longer complete. I had to re-do it and resubmit my transcripts. Doesn't give me much faith in CPS' technology or its system for hiring teachers.

  • More proof that the teaching shortage is over. I remember the days of numerous job fairs at various stadiums and teachers were being hired on the spot. If you were cut after the 20th day, another job would often appear. I can recall going to HR, when it was downtown, and meeting with the executive and he made a few phone calls and said, "Here are three schools that need a teacher, choose one and you will start there tommorow." Why all the obstacles to a job at CPS? Supply is exceeding demand.

  • This is true and part of the reason we are treated so shabbily by CPS.
    Many teachers retired in 2011 and many more are retiring in 2012. Does anyone have the numbers and will this help the laid off teachers?

  • I got laid off last week. Last Thursday, I got a call from my principal. CPS needed to cut some jobs and guess who had the least seniority at my school..

    I've been working at my school for about 3+ years. I did part of my student teaching there. I graduated and worked as their top sub for a year. Then I took over a couple of maternity leaves the next year. The following year, I finally got a full-time position.

    Two years ago, there were 105+ kindergarteners entering first-grade in the 2010-2011 school year. There were only three first-grade teachers at the time. That’s how I got my job.

    I was supposed to move up to second grade this year, easing the student load on three second-grade teachers.

    I already started preparing by taking home the second-grade manuals to get an early start on lesson plans and ideas. I took everything down in my old classroom and had it packed up and ready to move to my new classroom (the principal wanted me closer to the existing second-grade classrooms). I started purchasing some new supplies and items.

    I taught summer school this year. Parents came to tell me they were excited and pleased that I was going to be their child’s teacher next school year and told me so.

    The worst part of this whole ordeal is the fact that instead of a manageable 26-28 kids per classroom between four teachers, now there will be 35+ between three.

    I am completely devastated.

  • In reply to Anonymous:

    I am so sorry that happened to you. Why are they laying off so late in the summer? Can your principal make you a full time sub again?

  • another comment from educatorgal:

    "I am sorry this happened to you. You should be able to qualify for the cadre pool. I was a TAT last year, and I qualify. You keep your benefits if you're a cadre sub. Better than nothing. Call HR today."

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