"Track E" Bigger, Better?

Seems like they're making a bigger deal of the start of the year for Track E schools than they have in the past... but then again there are more Track E schools than ever before.  Has it gotten any better / easier for schools where they've had it for a little while now?  Have they figured out how to make the transition to Track E any smoother than it used to be?  Is there any more research, or even anecdotal information, that the Track E schools do better than the regular schedule schools?

Thousands of CPS students go back to school:  Monday is the first day of class for Chicago Public School students enrolled in Track E schools, which operate on a year-round schedule.

Classes Start for 247 CPS Schools: School started Monday for thousands of Chicago Public School who attend Track E schools, which run a year-round schedule.

Many CPS students head back to school today: Many Chicago Public Schools students are heading back to school. Classes start Monday for so-called E-Track students, or those who are on a year round schedule. They have same number of days of school as students on a regular schedule, but their...

First day of school for some Chicago Public Schools students: Meantime, some religious leaders are planning a rally Monday calling for longer school days for Chicago students. The mayor and...

Thousands of CPS Students Back to School: CPS chief Jean-Claude Brizard will address students at William Rainey Harper High School in Englewood before ringing the ceremonial bell.

Many CPS students head back to school today: Students on a regular track at Chicago schools start classes next month. More than 400000 students are enrolled in Chicago Public Schools.


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  • Started school today. Only 55 percent in attendance. Sad start. They make a big deal of Track E starting, but with central office staff on vacations (and those not on vacation rarely returning a phone call or email), budgets only opening up early July, changes at the area in the last week, and summer school ending only a week ago for our students (who were told to attend a longer regular track summer school program even though they are students at at Track E school), feels like we are starting alone and in the dark. Thankfully the students, teachers and a few dedicated parents work their butts off to make days like today positive and exciting.

  • CPS is paying an outside source for security to sit arounf for 3 hours and wait for buses that never come and students that never come to get on the bus. What a waste of money and it is only the first day of school. Note: CPS once again will tout great attendance, but the no shows are not counted. See how many show up 9/6. That's the story of track E--it is a monery loser!

  • catalyst has a Track E story about the push for attendance and the challenges of getting kids to show up weeks before their peers -- key to funding and attendance issues, of course


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    Here it is, Week 3 of the track E start of the 2011-12 school year and my twins are still at home. Why you ask? I am a new resident of the Calumet Heights community as of July. I called the neighborhood school and was informed registration was the week of August 1st, the times, and what to bring. I went to their former Charter School and transferred them out and went to their new school to enroll them. I was turned away saying to come back on Monday because registration was over for the day, mind you, it was 11am. First thing Monday morning (the start of the school year) and the administrator who was full of sooo much attitude you would have thought it was 2 in the afternoon instead of 7 in the morning. She told me I could not register my children because she had not received their transcripts nor physical forms from the Charter School and although I had a State of Illinois issued Drivers License with my current address, I need to provide a Com-Ed, Peoples Gas, or AT&T bill IN MY NAME. The inner city part of me wanted to put Ms. I been at this job 15 years, you can't tell me nothin self in her place and let her know that nobody was trying to fake their way into her underperforming/academic probation school. However, knowing that she could make the last two years of my childrens elementary experience hell, I contained myself. Long story short. The Charter school sent me through an endless loop of voicemails and wasted bus fare to remedy my situation. I called CPS for direction only to leave voicemails that have yet to be returned and numbers listed on their website that don't work.

  • Three weeks and still no enrollment? Just more evidence of the streamlined efficiency
    that reform has blessed us with. Here is just one more excellent example of how the theory of competition within the educational marketplace works; how competition between charter and traditional improves education for both!

    Here we see both charter and traditional, each rivaling for the title of 'Most Incompetent'.

    Track E schools currently hold the title for 'year long incompetence' and charter schools hold the title of 'longer school day incompetence'.

    Who know. Maybe the two schools will combine their ineptitudes:

    They might 'not' enroll your kids:

    1. Track E Style: all year long!
    2. Charter Style: eight hours per day instead of six!

    Now you can enjoy the bumbling incompetence of both systems, together!

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