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AM News includes items about the first-day attendance for Track E, the ongoing debate over the proposed budget, and a few other things.  TGIF!

First-day attendance at year-round schools in Chicago up this year Tribune:  Chicago Public Schools officials report that attendance for Track E schools, which began Monday, went up from 86.8 percent last year to 88.1 percent this year, even with the addition of 52 new schools.

 Quinn moves to abolish controversial legislative scholarships Stateline:  Gov. Pat Quinn Wednesday rewrote legislation to abolish the state's century-old General Assembly scholarship program that has been beset by cronyism and scandal for decades.

CTU President: Tax Hike a Band-Aid Sun Times: Friday night, the Chicago Public Schools Board holds more public hearings on a proposed property tax hike that will equal about $84 more a year for the average household.

Residents outraged over possible tax hike for city schools Sun Times: During the first of three hearings over a proposed nearly $6 million Chicago Public School budget, Sonia Kwon of the parent group Raise Your Hands said she was “flabbergasted” that CPS was not seeking to have unallocated tax increment financing funds declared a “surplus” so they could help plug the CPS deficit instead of raising taxes.

Yale Graduate Returns Home to Give Back: “I have high hopes for this neighborhood,” Yale graduate and Chicago native Timeica Bethel said. “I mean it’s a really good area, it's right next to Midway so it's great real estate so hopefully it becomes something better.”

That's Weird, Grandma Windy City Times:  Barrel of Monkeys, however, rejects the nostalgia-fogged epics beloved of parents and grant committees to instead pursue original stories composed by third- through fifth-graders in CPS.

Beach Commemorated for 1960s Civil Rights Wade-In NBC: Members of the coalition, as well as the A. Philip Randolph Institute, NAACP, Chicago Federation of Labor and the Chicago Teachers Union, will help dedicate the plaque.

Look who's in school: Not most Chicago kids Tribune (editorial): In Los Angeles, new backpacks have been filled with freshly sharpened pencils, unmarred binders and inch-thick stacks of paper. In Atlanta, kids have rolled their eyes before mugging for the annual first-day photos. In Phoenix, family pets are napping as they await the rumble of the afternoon bus.

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  • Track E enrollment was not up. That's a blatant lie!! Almost ALL the schools on the westside was missing at least 20 kids on the first day. And as of today, only half of them have been accounted for. Remember people, the Tribune has a partnership with the mayor's office. In order to make CPS CEO Buzzard look good the mayor had to fudge attendance. And the Sun Times has not reported on this because CPS has not granted them access to the attendance records. Rahm is the biggest liar this city has ever known.

  • "The start of the Track E school year kicked off successfully Monday, with 88.1% of students reporting to class for the first day of school – up from 86.8% last year!"
    Still a loss of money to CPS! Teacher losing jobs NOW only to be brought back when the kids come back to a track E school come 9/6 WHE THEIR PARENT SA WANT TO SEND THEM TO SCHOOL. Track E schools are holding workbooks andother tetxts until 9/6--and you know why. Stop track E--no better test scores than similar schools. And more up school 1 week if yo must but this 8/8 is a loser.

  • Attendance is up? It's just a numbers game. Maybe a handful more pre-registered students actually made it out to school. But the hundreds of students who are walk-ins and register once school begins? They didn't make it out.

    I know of at least 15 students alone who switched schools because they work to help support their families. They can't cut their summer work time by four weeks. So they found a regular track school to attend.

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