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There's a note at the end of each blog entry about how many comments have been posted, though still no "recent comments" window yet.   To help you figure out where to jump in, here are some recent comments from topic posts that are most active:

A variety of CPS observers are weighing in on Brizard's new ideas and reorganization (26 comments). Recent comment:  "Brizard setting up principals and their school for failure. Keep all blame off Central Office and Chiefs!"

AMPS folks are wondering what it's going to be like for them, and non-AMPS folks are wondering if they'll really have more flexibility  and debating the continued existence of coaches (10 comments).  Recent comment:  "I am truly scared about the crap that they are going to make us do now."

In response to the Reader story on charter transparency readers are debating charter quality and also talking about the SOS march in DC (6 comments). Recent comment:  "I see for the past couple of days that news crews are in front of the LEARN charter school."

PM is gone -- or is it? -- and more about the new offices and personnel at the CO (27 comments). Recent comment:  "Harrison Peters is my new chief. What's he like?"


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