More Than Just Talk?

I had a chance to talk with WBEZ Senior Editor Cate Cahan the other day about tonight's kickoff radio show with CPS head JC Brizard and, though the proof is always in the pudding, I found myself somewhat hopeful.  The show -- called "Schools on the Line" -- isn't supposed to be a standard call-in show where the host plays a minimal role shuttling questions to Brizard and staying out of the way.  Instead, the show is going to be "host driven," which is radio talk for including the host as an active participant, questioning statements that seem vague or don't match up with the facts and speeding things up if Brizard starts in on some sort of hypnotically long filibuster of an answer. Something like that -- which would press Brizard to deepen his answers as much as informing the public, and might even occasionally make some news -- would make "Schools on the Line" into something special rather than something sleepy or merely dutiful.  I've got my fingers crossed. Anyway, here's where to go and what to do: Email - with your question anytime today. Tweet - @AskBrizard anytime today. Call - 312.923.9239 from 7-8 tonight. Image via


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  • From Chicago Tribune today: 'Speaking at the first day of school for Track E, or year-round schools, Brizard said the district's new leadership made necessary cuts in the budget before deciding to raise taxes by 2.4 percent or the maximum allowed by law. He also said raising taxes to the tax cap does not break the mayor's vow to not raise taxes this year.'

    So in J.C.’s eyes property taxes will not rise?

  • Steve Edwards seems only slightly familiar with education issues & CPS. As a result, he's barely "driving."

  • In reply to Anonymous:

    Brizzard seems only slightly familiar with education issues & CPS. As a result, he is barely "driving."

  • I missed it. Is there a way to listen to it online?

  • You might at - search Schools on the Line. Post a link if you find one.


  • I just listened to the Q and A with Brzard again because my ears were ringing last night when I heard this teacher from the lawndale area tell her story of how Brizards office got her poor daughter who went to Andrew jackson for elementary school and was now entering high school but the high school was not suitable for her daughter so she called the office of academic enhancement and got into a more suitable high school with their help. I guess I am a fool for thinking this stuff would stop. I hope when it is my daughters time to go to HS I can just give a call to OAE! Woohoo!
    Why on earth would this CPS TEACHER/MOM call and tell the whole listening audience that OAE greased the wheels for her daughter. I guess she probably did the same thing to get her daughter in Andrew Jackson too. :)))))

  • In reply to Guatemom:

    Was it a selective enrollment high school? If so, that's a problem. If not, if it was a neighborhood school, it's no big deal. Principals may take in students from outside the attendance boundary if they wish.

  • In reply to Anonymous:

    from what it sounds like she did not like the SE her child was in on the Westside, a good guess would be that it was Westinghouse. and then she had her daughter switched to the SE of her choice.

    Listen to the replay and hear just how thankful Daniella was about the help she received. I hope we all get that personal service when we need it.

  • Needless to say I found some of the comments very funny, like the one about gangbanger parents beating up kids at PTA meetings? Really?

  • You have no idea how CPS covers up unsafe situations involving students, parents and staff. How about the southside elementary school where the principal suspended two girls, the first parent came up, covertly took a picture of the other girl, emailed it to her gangbang friends who then waited for the other girl and her mother to leave and beat them up right in front of the building. Sure, let them all go home for luch..that will work!

  • In reply to Anonymous:

    open campus does not mean going home for lunch. That went away in the end of the 1070's.
    open campus means the kids will get some fresh air and a decent lunch period on school grounds.
    When i was at LIncoln school back in the 70's . I would have to run for my life to make it home without Michaela Toughy trying to beat me to a pulp. Thank god I ran faster then her. My mom was the head of the PTA back then and the kids hated me and my brother and sister. Believe me these kids were just as mean and the parents were as mean as they were ugly. .
    I got assaulted in my alley by the gang that lived on the other side of Larrabee st south of armitage..
    So In the end I guess you are right . I am now a believer:))))

  • I have been trying to listen to the Q and A again but is not working!
    Did anyone hear the part about Universal Breakfast not being mandatory. I think he said if you had a successful before school breakfast that you could opt out of the Universal one. This would be great for our school if we could opt out.

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