Here Comes "The Vallas Group"

Fresh off his stint running the New Orleans school system, Paul Vallas has a shiny new(?) website advertising The Vallas Group. Of particular interest is the leadership team, which lists NACSA's Greg Richmond, Charleston's Sue McGinley, Sue Gamm, and a variety of other folks. I'm too lazy to look and see who's on the client list.  Should we be glad or worried that there are so many folks hanging out their shingles and saying they can help save education? Cross-posted from TWIE. Thanks to a reader for passing this along.



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  • Vallas is a joke! Investigate his record and you know he has no clue! Vallas should get a real job instead of selling a snow job! Vallas is not recognized in any research as an expert on public education. Vallas, should hide in shame for the sorry job he did in Chicago.

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