Emanuel Defends $150M Tax Hike

Today's news includes a lot of coverage of Emanuel defending the proposed CPS budget, a mention that CPS and CTU are talking about a longer day, and a few other items (including a couple of non-school tragedies involving school-age kids).

Mayor defends $150M property tax hike to fund Chicago schools: Mayor Rahm Emanuel said Tuesday he doesn’t relish the idea of raising property taxes by a record $150 million, but the Chicago Public Schools have made $400 million in bureaucratic cuts and more money is needed to “protect the classroom.”

Emanuel defends proposed property-tax hike for schools: Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has promised to take on City Hall’s budget gap without raising taxes.

Emanuel defends tax hike for schools: After promising not to nickel-and-dime Chicagoans with tax increases to plug a budget hole at City Hall, Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Tuesday sought to explain why it's OK to raise property taxes to help balance the books at Chicago Public Schools.

Schools CEO, teachers union head discuss longer school day: Chicago Public Schools CEO Jean-Claude Brizard and Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis met Tuesday, and one of the topics on the table was a longer school day. Anything else going on?  Let us know.

Lawmakers rip CSU after limited state aid given to failing students: Nearly 450 failing students at Chicago State University — including 106 students with 0.0 grade point averages — received state grant money under the chronically underfunded Monetary Award Program.

Quinn hints he might end legislators’ scholarship perk: Quinn dropped the hint after the Chicago Sun-Times first reported Monday that former state Rep. Robert Molaro (D-Chicago) is under federal investigation for awarding the tuition waivers to four children of a campaign donor.

Coalition recommends first-ever nutrition and exercise standards for after school programs: The standards were issued Tuesday by the Healthy Out-of-School Time Coalition and coordinated by the YMCA, the University of Massachusetts-Boston, and the National Institute on Out-of-School Time (NIOST) at the Wellesley Centers for Women at Wellesley College.

Prosecutors: Teens were hired to kill gang rival in Rogers Park Tribune:  A counselor to at-risk high school students was gunned down in the Rogers Park neighborhood over the weekend by three [Wells] teenagers who had agreed to kill a rival gang member for cash, prosecutors said Tuesday.

Tearful mother says intent  was to talk to teen, not kill him:  She said she intended to hold a peacemaking talk with the 17-year-old boy who allegedly had bullied her 16-year-old son and with his mother.


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  • CTU members, you must vote to strike if CPS will not pay you to work for a extended day for the 2011-2012 school year!

  • During the campaign, Rambo supporters bragged that there would be a "cash pipe line from the White House to Chicago" and Emanuel would never need to raise taxes. A lot of people fell for this promise. Where is the pipe line now? When I heard this nonsense, I kept thinking of the Who, "Here comes the new boss...................."

  • It makes me very worried for the future of our pension fund. Come FY-2014, the pension holiday is over and CPS is supposed to come up with about $600 million for our pension. It looks like there will be no reserve funds available, and because of the tax cap laws, the maximum increase won't make a dent in it.

    There is going to have to be a real change to the system.

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