Charter Funding / Quality Issues

UNO and the other early-start charters got a JC Brizard appearance and some nice publicity yesterday even as charters are asking for more money and some folks are asking whether charters (and year-round schedules) are really worth it.

Charter school students head back to school WBEZ:  School officials used the early return to school at the charters to again call for a longer school year throughout Chicago Public Schools.

Charter schools want more money from CPS Tribune: Charter school advocates are asking Chicago Public Schools to give more money to charter schools in the coming school year.

Will They Get It, And Should They? Huffington Post: Chicago's charters are particularly good at dealing with white students in poverty, a population that [CREDO researcher Macke Raymond] said was larger than she'd expected.

Is Year-Round Schooling on Track? District Administration:  Duncan was CEO of the Chicago Public Schools from 2001 to 2008 when it adopted year-round schooling.


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  • Alex,
    See Mat Damon's defense of teachers when questioned by a Libertarian reporter. Also, he has a good retort with the camera man.

  • On a private-funding issue, the Illinois DREAM Act passed! Undocumented high-school graduates can apply for privately funded college scholarships. However, large-scale immigration reform does not stand a chance.

    Read my latest White Rhino (A Chicago Latino English Teacher's Blog) post at ‎


  • I am glad Alexander posted the Dessoff article on year around schools. It does not surprise me that many districts are finding no significant improvement in outcomes for low income students when they are in year around programs vs. traditional programs. We are always in search of a magic bullet to fix up urban education, year around schools may be just another one of those bullets. If schools have weak teachers, poor families that are not engaged with the schools their children attend, and are underfunded the results are likely to be weak no matter how short the breaks are for students.

    Rod Estvan

  • Years ago CPS tried starting the school year before Labor Day. The attendance was abysmal. While this was an attempt to end school earlier in June, it didn’t last long. I’m not sure year round school, whether it is the same number of school days or more school days, would have an acceptable attendance rate.

    And CPS has a lot of schools that do not have air conditioning which is needed for year round schools. While getting window units may seem like a good answer, these same schools do not have the proper electrical service for those units. A major electrical upgrade for those buildings is not on the priority list and probably won’t be for a long, long time. Schools that have only two outlets in each classroom can’t handle the demand as it is now.

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