Back To School Memories & Pics

The Chicago Reader asked a bunch of local / alt weekly luminaries including Dan "It Gets Better" Savage (pictured) and CTU president Karen Lewis to reflect on their childhood memories of high school (Back to School).  Who cares about them, though -- what I want to know is what you, my educationista friends, remember best (or worst)?  Be you famous or famous-for-education or not famous at all, share your memories.  We want to know (or at least, I do).  I'll go first in comments, assuming you don't get their first. And also, what'd you look like back then?



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  • still looking for a picture but i remember that i started high school with broken glasses, a lot of black t-shirts, an obvious but as-yet unmet need for braces, and vague hopes for a fresh start despite the fact that i wasn't changing schools just moving to a new hallway. oh, and i wanted to make the varsity soccer team really badly.

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