DJ Brizard Coming To You From WBEZ

This morning's news includes word that Brizard will do a one-hour radio call-in show on WBEZ each month, starting Monday, and that another handful of CPS schools are getting federal money to help with healthy eating

Schools chief on public radio each month Tribune:  Chicago residents will get a chance to ask pressing questions about education as the CEO of Chicago Public Schools takes to the air waves every month.

When Conservatives Loved Public Schools NBC (opinioin):  When Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced he'd be sending his children to the University of Chicago Lab School, libertarian commentator Dan Proft used the occasion to bash theChicago Public Schools for failing their students.

Gary schools snag federal cash, but with strings attached WBEZ:  On the plus side, the Indiana Department of Education announced the pair will split $3.1 million through the federal School Improvement Grant program.

A new direction for Bethel New Life Austin Weekly:  She also facilitated the opening of a general education contract school that focused on special needs children within the Chicago Public Schools system.

31 Chicago Schools Getting Federal Cash For Fresh Fruits And Veggies HuffED:  The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program is giving $4.7 million to 215 schools around the state, including 31 schools in Chicago. That's up 42 percent from last year, when 186 schools split $3.3 million.


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  • also -- on monday salem christian (meeks' school) announced it is closing after 21 years -- parents of 200 kids (and 40 educators) scrambling to find spots

  • im told that steve edwards is hosting the first show and that it will rotate around after that -- allison cuddy, linda lutton, etc.

  • Let's see if Brizard lives up to his promise on being transparent? Ask about more accountability in regards to charter schools? As demands on schools is increased, what will Brizard do concretely to help neighborhood schools? Brizard have you washed your hands of neighborhood schools? Brizard, you have no online mechanisms to bring all the "collaboration" and "networking" you are espousing? Why did you sink the Google App adoption? Will you continue the practice of over assessing the students of CPS?

    That is a good start...

  • Make no assumptions about why Google App was dumped. Google App was not as robust as CPS needs it to be. It lacks the administrative oversight that is needed in case IT needed to step in, for example to investigate cases of cyberbullying. The purchase probably got as far as the Law Dept. where it was stopped cold.

  • In reply to Anonymous:

    Anyone else notice that the words "rigor" and "robust" seem to be outpacing "deep dive" and "data-driven" in the latest edu-jargon, buzzword realm? I think I'm going to vomit.


  • This is where Brizard should be truthful. I am wondering how other school districts and schools handle that detail with Google Apps. Since all schools fall under federal law to protect data, it seems that those using it found a way to deal with that with Google Apps. If Google Apps could't protect students then they wouldn't still in business in the government and educational strands. There are Google Apps authorized integrators that can meet that need in terms of holding email for a year and chat for two years.

    Google apps is perfect for the school level. Too bad!

  • In reply to viniciusdm:

    Brizard didn't scuttle Google. He might have been able to step in to save it, but then again may not have. Viniciusdm is right about the archiving requirements.

  • In reply to Anonymous:

    The problem is that Brizard is selling networking and collaboration to build capacity but there is no web service for that purpose. According to Brizard, there will be best practices shared. How? When? If ever! Another idea still born!

  • What an unbelievably weak story about City Colleges in the Reader: Regurgitated press releases, anyone? CPS grads mentioned.

  • budget workshops for teachers next week -- three dates -- sounds like it might be interesting

  • a little more about the show from WBEZ itself --

    and catalyst says it's going to be called "schools on the line" and run on the first thursday of every month

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