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While ChicagoNow works on restoring "recent comments" to the sidebar (they swear they're going to do it) here's a handy dandy look at where the comments are of late:

Call For Discipline Overhaul Be the first!

News: No Raises For Principals Be the first!

Gone Swimming / Open Thread 60 (about TeacherFit, mostly)

Live From The AFT Conference 3

IL Needs "Race" Win To Fund SB7 8 (and the video/apology)

News: Outside Experts, Outside Providers 10

Edelman Apologizes For "Arrogance" 18

What's Going On At Galapagos? 3

Note that my updates and comments are included in the count, which affects the numbers.


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    University of Texas physics professor Michael Marder has made a most eloquent case for changing the debate about education reform in the US with a series of images. He has, sometimes literally, connected the dots between socioeconomic factors and measures of student learning in a way that champions of education reform such as Bill Gates, Michelle Rhee and David Guggenheim do not.

    Read the whole post about the how charters and poverty interact at http://www.theurbn.com/2011/06/its-the-poverty-stupid/

  • Seems Wireless Generation is owned now by Murdoch! You know, who's companies are accused of bribing police for access to information in England.


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