The Michael Scott Mystery

Chicago Magazine's David Bernstein takes a long look at the circumstances surrounding Michael Scott's mysterious death nearly two years ago and the attempts to come to terms with what happened since then (including a sidebar about the conspiracy theories).  There's nothing conclusive, or you'd have already heard about the piece.  But it's interesting, and sad, and a useful reminder of a man who was no doubt complicated and flawed but also had a warmth and sparkle to him that even his critics and enemies shouldn't deny.  If he was a bad guy of some sort, he was certainly a charming and unflappable one. What do you remember about Scott, personally or professionally, and what if anything does the article do to change your mind about whether he committed suicide or -- as many still believe -- was the victim of some sort of foul play?


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  • there's a hilarious/awful anecdote in there about huberman, for those of you who miss the guy

  • daley should be supporting the Scott children. he can afford it and he can't afford not too. Shame.

  • Whether he actually pulled the trigger or not Michael Scott killed himself. His many back door deals etc. put him in a position that set him up. And he knew that was a possibility. He knew his house of cards was falling down.

    God Rest His Soul

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