Let's Talk About Emanuel

Everybody still seems to want to talk about Emanuel's private school choice -- why he chose Lab instead of Parker or Latin (or Ravenswood or Payton), how his kids got clouted to the front of the waiting list, whether it matters that he's sending his kids to private schools not parochial ones, and of course how he reacted to the questions (and refused to apologize afterward). Everybody's got an opinion.

Emanuel MIA after Dissing Chicago Schools Examiner: Some argue, and City Colleges of Chicago spokesmen have confirmed, that Chicago's public schools have simply lowered the standards for graduation.

Rahm Emanuel Defends Choice of Private School for Kids NewsMax.com: Emanuel's choice has brought on criticism that city leaders who send their children to private schools have no personal stake in Chicago's public schools, according to a report by the Chicago Tribune.

School Choice Rahm style ChicagoMag: Rahm’s outburst Wednesday at WMAQ political reporter Mary Ann Ahern seemed more high-pitched, uglier and personal. The rookie mayor didn’t have the religious justification to fall back on. Hey, Rahm, you’re the mayor, not the president, and this is Chicago not the nation’s capital.

Rahm's kids to Lab Reader: There was a rumor the oldest Emanuel child, Zach, would enter Walter Payton as a freshman in the fall. But Lab makes sense. Everyone goes to the same K-12 school, making life easier on the police detail, and the mayor ducks the no-win choice between Latin and Parker on the north side. There are too many big campaign donors at each school to risk offending half of them.

When Rahm's Temper Made a Comeback NBC:  "You are wrong and a bully," Emanuel fired back.  "I care deeply for my family. I don't care about you." With that, he hung up the phone.

Where the political and personal spheres of public figures overlap WBEZ:  Are there times when it's appropriate to probe the personal lives of the political? If so, where is the line drawn? Mary Ann Ahern joined Eight Forty-Eight with her take.

Emanuel ticks off education leaders by sending children to private school Boston Herald:  Lewis also drew a comparison between Emanuel and thousands of families who cannot afford to send their children anywhere but the city’s struggling public schools. "It’s wonderful that he has that option available to him," she said.



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  • It is pure and simple hypocrisy, and it should be viewed as a bellwether of things to come. And how long was the time period between when this was known and when it was reported?

    I thought back in 2009 that a real acid test of Obama's future credibility was his decision to send his own kids to Sidwell. Not that I could blame him, since security concerns are certainly different now than when the last president to send kids to public schools (Carter) did so, but symbolically, if there ever was case for vouchers, Rahm and Barack have presented one.

  • In reply to Anonymous:

    " if there ever was case for vouchers, Rahm and Barack have presented one"

    Ah, there's the rub, isn't it?

    The problem with vouchers, though, is that they're still not enough. Let's take state Sen. James Meeks' most recent proposal for $3,600 vouchers per child. It's wholly inadequate. That wouldn't even pay for 6 weeks at UC's lab school--yet it's supposed to cover the academic year.

    The egalitarian answer isn't in private schools, but for charter schools. At least that's what Rahm and Barry see as school choice for the parents who cannot afford private school for their children.

  • In reply to Anonymous:

    You are sooooooo righjt

  • Ok. Let's see Emanuel get his temper up and take action when he hears of violations of IDEA 2004 that are harming the disabled children of many other fathers in this city. I'm waiting. Waiting. Waiting.

  • He's not going to state the obvious reasons for sending his kids to a private school. In reality, he would have sent his kids to a private school no matter where he lived, with maybe a very select few exceptions, like his alma mater. The only way for him to escape criticism would have been for him to send his kids to neigborhood schools. No millionaire former chief of staff to the prez would do that.

  • Ridiculous debate. Kids have one opportunity to get their education right. No one can criticize a parent for doing his/her all to ensure the kid's got the best opportunity to get it right. And If parents have the resources to pay for highly respected and competitive schools, they should do it without having to make any apology for it. My child went to a parochial school for grammar school which was the best that we could afford; half her classmates were children of CPS teachers. No one's ashamed.

    Emmanuel should have answered this one better. It was a soft ball that he could've slammed out of the park.

  • Do you really think rhambo would let his kids go to school in some of the neighborhoods on the southside.Schools where some of the parents do not even pick up their children's report cards, sign their reading records, send them to school with pencils ect. But it's the teachers fault right rhambo...

  • Where one chooses to send their children is a personal decision but.........

    Rahm brags that he is a public servant just like every city employee. But, City employees cannot choose to send their children where they want. If I wanted my child to go to Naperville High because they have a great chess team I can't because I HAVE to live in the city.

    In addition, the average city employee can not afford to send 1,2 or 3 children to lab.

    Rahm has a net worth of $20 Million. He has choice and privilege that we don't.

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