IL Needs "Race" Win To Fund SB7

I hate to keep beating up on SB7 and its proponents, many of whom I generally like and admire, but, gosh, it's hard to stop.  The latest news from CNC is that SB7 needs $500K in funding that's no longer in the state budget, meaning that IL needs to win the next round of Race To The Top in order to implement a key part of the reform law (which by itself included no new funding).  That and other news here:

Money Missing From Education Reform Bill CNC: Lawmakers stripped more than $500,000 from Quinn’s proposed budget that would have helped implement Senate Bill 7.

For the Record: Chicago Teachers Union strike votes Catalyst:  Union leaders dispute Edelman’s basic premise that they will never be able to get a strike authorized.

Power outage cancels summer classes at a CPS school Tribune:  Crews were unable to restore power at Hampton Elementary, 3434 W. 77th St., forcing CPS officials to cancel the school's Summer Bridge program.

State writing test must be saved Sun Times: The test contract is in the process of being canceled and an October reinstatement is too late.

High-mobility, low-achieving schools more likely to have lower-quality preschool programs Catalyst:  Classrooms in schools with high student mobility, and in schools where fewer students met state standards on the 2010 ISAT, were the most likely to rank in the bottom quartile of all preschools that were rated.




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  • Imagine that. Another unfunded education mandate.

  • SB7 is a load of bullocks! Deformers! These folks are pushing Evidence Free Educational Policies. Yes, Edelman is one big joke and pox on the politicians who have rolled with his Evidence Free Educational policies. Glad that the money was pulled from that boondoggle!

  • Cut out Dibels testing. That will save you some big dollars. Keep the writing.

  • I hope they don't get it. There's nothing special or unique about Illinois schools that would warrant RACE money. Mud in your face Pat Quinn, Mayor Daley and everyone associated with SB7. Now this gives our dyslexic governor reason to raise taxes. This state is full of crooks and I just HATE it.

  • Cut out the KLT in Area 11. Waste of instructional time and money. Parents angry with all the extra testing there. Students just give-up and answer the questions wrong on purpose.

  • the sun times gets in on the SFC video story, too:

  • edweek (finally) picks up the jonah edelman video story with a brief story here:

  • one more link -- capitol fax has a roundup of sorts, and 30 comments or so

  • substance says that SFC has pushed out its african american state policy head

    anything else i'm missing on this?

  • nobody but me seems interested in this topic, but just in case here's a case study about the SB7 process written by elliot regenstein and presented in washington by joyce program officer john luczek:

  • one more link -- the catalyst writeup of a DC event about the IL law from last week -- it's being touted as a model of collaboration

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