Emanuel Kids Going To Lab School

Add one more North Side family to the list of those choosing private schools rather than public ones.  The Emanuel kids are headed to U of C's Lab School in the fall, surprising no one.  The chances that he'd send them to a public school seemed remote, given that they'd attended private school before and Emanuel made clear from the start that he'd do what he thought best rather than what might be best for him politically.


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  • I'm dissapointed. It isn't a shock, but how can he really support CPS if he doesn't believe in it for his own children.

  • In reply to Yoga Mom:

    Well, there's the issue. A lot of people don't believe in CPS for their own children. That's why we have ongoing school reform.

    But his kids are not in a typical situation. If they went to North Side College Prep, would everyone say good for him for supporting CPS, or would they say it was clout?

    If they went to Lake View, would he have to worry about them getting beaten up in the hallways because they were the mayor's kids, or having no friends because they were considered to be rich snobs?

    He had to do right by them.

  • Is anyone surprised?

  • Mayor Emanuel has the right to send his children to a private school like another American who can afford to do so. I do think a more interesting question is the progressive pedagogy of the lab school. The lab school describes itself this way:

    “Learning by doing has guided the efforts of the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools since Professor John Dewey first began testing his educational theories in 1896… Alumni from all over the world regularly attest that it was at Lab where they learned how to think deeply and thus learned how to learn. In short, we are among the leading independent schools in the nation and pride ourselves on creating conditions for a purposeful search for knowledge and truth.”

    Mayor Emanuel has indicated he believes that UNO charter schools are doing a great deal right and apparently believes in their pedagogical approach. I think it is considerably less progressive than that of the Lab School. UNO states:

    “The goal of the UNO literacy program is to produce active readers who possess the essential skills that will enable them to effectively and successfully access all content, as determined and dictated by the state of Illinois learning standards, and that is presented to them through their learning/reading experiences in all subject areas.”

    Now I would not argue that Mayor Emanuel should send his children to UNO. I think that would be absurd, UNO is not a school for relatively wealthy children. But I do think if progressive pedagogy is good for the Mayor’s children why is an essential skills curriculum good for other people’s children and why should it be a model for CPS to learn from. It seems that the Lab School would be a better model to transform CPS, than UNO charter school. I think people like Bill Ayers and others would agree with that.

    The problem really is this, UNO’s pedagogy is what can be afforded, Lab School’s pedagogy is not what can be afforded at public expense. In order to pay for a really good Lab School education the Mayor would have to tax a lot of folks who gave him money not to be taxed, that's the bottom line.

  • In reply to Anonymous:

    It isn't about where he sends his kids. It is about what he does to help make the neighborhood schools places that most Chicagoans could feel comfortable sending their children to. Of corse, sadly, this is not the direction we're heading in. I would love a chance to try and implement some of the best practices from the Lab School into my own classroom.

  • In reply to Anonymous:

    Cut the crap! No need for Rahm apologists. Quit the clowning. Chicago students deserve a quality education. A world class city should be able to provide a quality to all children. Our Children deserve an education that Obama's children get. That means not following NCLB! Yeah, the president's children don't have to deal with the BS known as NCLB. Review the CPS budget and the priorities where money gets wasted. Privatization is a joke. Quality will arrive once we get rid of jokes like Brizard OR Brizard needs to get a pair and tell his master Rahm, to take a giant leap off a short pier and do the right thing! Brizard needs to fire the PM Group! A joke. If you ask the Performance Management Group, if honest, they will tell you they have no idea about education. It shows. Evidence. Brizard needs to hire real world administrators that know are successful in building teacher leadership. More importantly, Brizard needs to engage and trust his teachers.

  • Didn't Ayers send his kid to Lab School too?

  • Lab school

    Mr Emanual’s kids are off limits ,out of bounds ,and none of our business.

  • Yes I have heard that Ayers did send his kids to Lab. There have been CPS staff and principals sending their children there for years. Professionals know what a quality education is, Mayor Emanuel also knows. It sure isn't UNO.

    Could you imagine two orthodox Jewish kids going to UNO? Emanuel's support for UNO is totally based on politics, not quality education. It will come back to bite him. I also don't agree that the Mayor's kids are out of bounds. Mayor Emanuel is the one that told the electorate he was going to fix CPS, apparently it is going to take a long time or at least beyond the time his own kids will be in school.

    His show during the interview with channel 5 over trying to tell the media where his kids go to school is not any of the media's bussiness was the old Emanuel at his best. For a little guy who was a ballet dancer he does try to act like a Mafia Don, doesn't he?

  • kass says that emanuel got testy with one reporter about his school choice -- if only there was footage of it


  • Emanuel's choice of school for his children is problematic not because of financial inequities or elitism or because his children will have what so many others do not. Of course the Mayor will not send his children to the Chicago Public Schools when they can receive a truly world class education at the U of C Lab School.

    The problem is that Mayor Emanuel's school leadership and “reform” policies in CPS are in direct contradiction to what he finds essential for his own children’s academic success and human development. That astounding and unbridled hypocrisy is a slap in the face to the parents and children of the city of Chicago.

  • Alexander - Are you a reporter? It took all of a 2 second search through Google to find a link with a clip of the footage. See article with video clip at bottom.


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