Course Participation Not The Problem

There's a new USDE/ProPublica report out showing that CPS kids aren't as disadvantaged as you might think in terms of what courses they're taking, at least not citywide -- with the glaring exception of advanced math (geometry, trigonometry)

Among high schools, 22 percent of kids take at least one AP course (19 percent statewide), 24 percent take chemistry (21 percent statewide), 7 percent take physics (12 percent statewide), 4 percent take advanced math (13 percent statewide). Over all, 25 percent of students are in gifted programs.

Whether they're passing the courses or learning the material seems to be another issue, and of course there are major differences between access to / participation in advanced courses among various parts of the city.

There are now just 369,250 students in CPS, according to a new , of whom 10 percent are white (43 percent statewide) and 78 percent receive free and reduced lunch (44 percent statewide). Only 17 percent of teachers are in their first or second year, citywide, though that number changes dramatically among different areas and schools.

Read all about it here and compare your school to other nearby or demographically similar ones using the school finder.

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