Update: Save "Culture Of Calm" Or Let It Die?

ScreenHunter_11 Mar. 15 09.47The same day when news comes out that preschool programs have long-term benefits Chicago media are reporting that Brizard et al would very much like to keep Huberman's infamous and very expensive Culture Of Calm program -- or at least the in-school parts of it (not the individual coaches). [As stimulus money runs out, CPS tries to salvage Culture of Calm Catalyst, Chicago tries to save anti-violence programs Sun Times, Programs for at-risk students' safety at risk Tribune]. But is the program really all that effective, and is it necessarily a top priority given all the other budgets that are being cut?  You don't hear much good about it on this site -- would love to hear from others about whether it's worth keeping.  The rest of us are just jealous.  


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  • Our counselors picked out the worst kids--the ones who always seem to at the center of trouble. They meet once a week and discuss how to behave better and resolve issues positively. We have been doing this for three years and it has made a difference and gotten some tough kids on the right track. How much money did this cost--$0--nothing--nada! We do not need Culture of Calm.

  • 10:43 AM, That is a fabulous idea. I wonder, do you think that would work in a jr. high or high school where you have a large number of kids in the center of trouble? I can imagine, and maybe I am wrong, some high schools where out of 1000 kids, you have at least 100 kids who have very serious behavior issues and are major safety concerns. Maybe in situations like that, you split kids up into groups of ten and have ten groups meeting? I am just trying to imagine how it would work. I like what your school is doing. Maybe write it up and send it to Emmanuel? Thank you to you and your school counselors for your work with the most difficult children!

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    Thanks! We are a small school which helps, but we only have two full time counselors. There is a boys group and a girls group, each with 15-20 kids. But larger schools have more counselors to cover the groups so there can be more than two. The counselors ask the teachers to help recommend students for these groups, and the concentration is on freshman and sophomores, to try and turn these kids around before it is too late.

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    It goes thus: A shocking tragedy hits the media. Darien Albert and Ben Wilson
    Come to mind. The city demands action, politicians scramble to do something
    And what we get are useless programs aimed at the appearance of action.
    In reality these are too little too late .the culture of calm was the cities
    Response to the Albert

  • "How can we attempt to deal with the issue of violence in our schools when so many are critical of new programs we implement?"
    Well, that is a huge part of the problem. We have an excessive number of "new programs" that no one really knows what is or isn't working. LOL

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    Culture of Calm worked well at Clemente, the COC coordinator is great and worked with the Dean of Students. It did not replace the SCC it helped all appoach the work of supporting student success.

  • Solution

    Would you be so kind to show me where one of these programs work?
    I have never been disgusted to work with anyone even somebody I feel is a
    useful idiot.

  • Actually, the boxing seems like a good idea. Give the kids something they want to learn to do, that will take effort, practice and self-discipline. It also a provides an activity the student can do when he is angry or stressed to burn off the anger in a harmless manner.

  • These are not flash mobs, these are thugs! Lock them up!

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