Teachers: A Brief History Of Wages

Picture 35.pngThe current sense of financial disaster isn't really that new for those a bit of history under their belts, notes Chicago Magazine's Whet Moser, who dug up this 1980 Tribune editorial and goes back all the way to CTU's first contract, in 1966, to examine gains and losses in real wages over the decades (adjusted for inflation, which apparently no longer exists).  Take a look and let us know what he gets right, or wrong, or what if anything you learn that seems new or interesting.  


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  • CPS stated at the board meeting that they were canceling their contracted wage agreement with Chicago Teachers so that they would not have to decreased monies sent to charter schools.

    Shared sacrifice? Not at all.

    The contracted 4% increase is merely cost of living (3%), with a pittance thrown in. CPS demands course works and staff development for certifications, but doesn't fund it. The federal and state government doesn't fund it.

    Do CPS teachers have state of the art electronics? Laptops, lcd projectors, white boards, interactive white boards, 5 or more working computers and printers for students to use in the classroom.

    No. Who gives the students pens, pencils, notebooks, apples, hot cups of cocoa on a winter morning? CPS teachers. Who pays for it? CPS teachers.

    When students ask for bus money to get home/get to school, who pays for it. CPS teachers.

    Check out the iphones, notebooks, laptops, infra red printers, SUVs and leather portfolios at 125 S. Clark.

    The new fellow got a raise (4%, nope) without doing anything but moving...and those costs were covered.

    Shared sacrifice? Your share comes out of my pocket.

  • Coins

    Pennies are not just discarded they are used as missiles and aimed at people.
    Getting hit by one of these hurts and could put an eye out or require stitches.

  • Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants to lengthen the school day by September 2011! That is why he told HIS appointed board to VOTE DOWN the 4% raise. The CTU wants to immediately negotiate over the pay raise issue. Both CPS and CTU agree that negotiations are technically restricted to salaries and total compensation. Mayor Emanuel wants the Board of Education to offer a 4% raise or less to CTU members for the 2011-2012 school year in return for working a longer school day with no additional money!

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    Whoops...sorry about that...

    Couldn't agree with you more...I've been saying this all along. We'll get the raise when we agree to extend the day. My guess is they'll ask for 30 or 45 minutes, we'll give them 15 or 20 minutes (probably 10 for recess which we will be responsible for) since that's about 4% of the day...and everyone (or no one) is happy...

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