Schools: What's Going On At Lakeview HS?

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News came out this week that Lakeview was looking to beef up its STEM program -- and to find a new principal.  Three finalists are being interviewed at a forum at the school on Monday at 6.  Current principal Scott Feaman is retiring after 15 years.  This has me and others wondering whether Lakeview is on the verge of something great or, instead, likely headed towards upheaval and instability?  Area parents have been steering their kids away from Lakeview for years now.  Does anyone know who's on the short list, or how well the LSC has been working? 


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  • Rarely does a neighborhood school get press. All of us who are advocates of neighborhood schools should send letters to the Tribune or comment favorably on this article - be polite and ask for more - there are many good stories out there!

  • The principal at Payton left earlier this year. They just named Tim Devine, currently an assistant principal at Northside, to start as principal in July. Seems like a good move for Payton.

  • The talent pool is deep at Northside. Many of the APs who worked under Dr. Lalley go on to become solid principals. The current principal at Lindblom comes to mind.

  • misogyny or trolling? WTF as the kids say...

  • Sullivan improving? Really? Last I saw their ACT average was 16. Can you be more specific about changes? I could see where people might say that Senn is improving (new principal, end of the achievement academy, new fine arts program), albeit incrementally, and certainly it will take at least another 5-10 year before middle class families will even begin to consider it, but Sullivan? I don't want to be a downer, so it might help to have more specifics.

  • Can you give me the specific blog site address on the web? For some reason I cannot find the above site you mentioned.


  • Sounds like a few improvements or changes are happening at Sullivan. Senn is getting some good press on its principal and fine arts program, maybe Sullivan can find ways to promote the changes there? Don't misunderstand, I would never send my children to Senn, Sullivan or CMSA. I wish I could, but ALL their scores are too low and the gang/violence/disruptiveness is all more than I am willing to accept for my own kids. I have all the respect in the world for teachers willing to work in schools like that. But as far as sending my own kids there? I wonder, how many CPS teachers send their own children to Senn, Sullivan or CMSA? None that I know of, but perhaps my circle is small and I am not aware of a fabulous honors program in each school putting out ACT scores in the mid to high 20's? Or an IB program where most kids graduate not just with the high school's diploma, but have also earned the actual IB diploma? I'd love to be wrong on this.

  • Tell me more about Principal Pitts.

  • Her name is Dr. Cynthia Barron.

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