Schools: Clerks, Pay Periods, & Missed Swipes

image from t2.gstatic.comI've gotten a slew of emails recently about payroll problems, which one teacher describes as "rampant."  At schools like these, I'm told, subs don't get paid, PD and extra hour pay for teachers comes months later, if at all, and monthly payroll errors are pretty common, too.  Missed swipes, holidays, extra time are often entered by the clerks, who wield enormous power in these situations and can be impervious to grievances, complaints, and nasty looks. How common is this, and what -- if anything -- can be done to prevent or stop it?  Complaints and success stories welcome.  Any clerks read this blog and care to tell their side of the story?  Yikes, it feels very strange to be talking about timecards.  A decade from now we'll tell people that teachers swiped in and out and were paid by minutes and hours and they'll be shocked (I hope). 


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  • Revolutionary Idea

    Why are we swiping at all? In many systems that work the teachers do not punch in
    Like I have done in every Joe Job I ever had.In some systems they actually trust the
    Professional Staff. In one school I know that you have to swipe in then sign in.

  • Our elementary school has the BEST clerks ! They understand that we are all human and mistakes happen . If you forget to swipe, you just get a paper memo in your mailbox, you fill it out, and she fixes it for you. No yelling, reprimands, lost time, or accusations. We're all adults - and yes, adults can "forget" too !

  • I'm lucky at my school that we have a wonderful clerk who is really easy to work with. Dunbar VCA is not a perfect place, but our clerk is awesome.

  • I am a high school payroll clerk. I have been reading the comments regarding clerks who are not seeing to it that employees get paid correctly and in a timely manner. I am saddened by seeing how many disgruntled employees there are.
    I can't begin to count the number of UNPAID hours I have put in, both at school and at home, in order to make sure that my staff is paid acurately and on time. At my school, all non administrative employees are expected to swipe in and out every day and they also must sign. The signing lets us know if an employee is on premises or not. We have had occasions when an emergency phone call has come in for an employee and Kronos was down. The only way we could know if the employee was on site was by checking the sign-in sheets.
    I must get about 10 to 12 time sheets for extra hours ON A DAILY BASIS. Some of these sheets can have twenty employees listed on it, all in need of hours to be paid. In the past, it was easier to make sure that the hours were put in regularly; if not daily, then certainly weekly. I also made sure to check each employee's time card daily and was able to notify each employee when a swipe was missed. I fill out the missed swipe form for them as well as the Cause of Absence form. All they have to do is sign it and have administration sign off on it. This year, under a new administration, I have been asked to keep track of HOW MUCH MONEY I am paying out for EVERY bucket. And, I have been directed not to go into the red. I don't think anyone except another payroll clerk can appreciate the extra time this takes to do. It is pretty straight forward when dealing with buckets that pay out at a flat rate. But when utilizing buckets that pay regular rate, I have to check each persons current hourly pay on a pay period by pay period basis because teachers' rates of pay can change due to lane changes, anniversary dates, etc. Also, with substitutes, I am not always sure of the amount of their daily rate of pay.
    Time sheets are not always received in a timely fashion, which necessitates doing historical edits. That process takes several more steps to complete than just adding hours. Also, as I have many teachers who are doing more than one meeting or program after school, I have to check each time sheet to make sure that hours are not overlapping so that no "double dipping" occurs.
    I have a little under 200 employees in my building. In addition to payroll, I do answer phones, greet and try to help visitors to the school, answer intercom and walkie-talkie calls to the office. This year all employees were assigned some children to mentor which involved meeting with them several times during the school year.
    Believe me, I am not looking for pats on the back or accolades. I just want to point out that there are payroll clerks in CPS who are doing the best they can under the circumstances to make sure that their employees are taken care of properly. It helps me to rest better at night when I know that I've done my job well.

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    Dear stressedps, thank you!

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