Media: Taking Stock Of CNC's Schools Coverage

Quantity-wise, the Chicago News Cooperative has as much or more education coverage as the Tribune, the Sun-Times, WBEZ, or Catalyst.  So generally, I'm glad they're out there adding eyeballs to what's going on downtown and in the schools. But what about quality and the analysis? That's where I have some questions. 

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Either because the reporters are generally young or the leanings of the editorial staff the individual stories and the overall impression tend towards the superficial and sympathetic -- especially when it comes to coverage of so-called reformers downtown. Today's sunny profile of busy Brizard is a good example -- what's called a "beat sweetener" in journalism (because it sweetens the relationship between the beat reporter and his or her sources). Maybe I'm being too critical, or looking a gift horse in the mouth (it wouldn't be the first time). Take a look at CNC's education stories and let us know what you think.  Specific story examples are especially helpful.


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  • I thought the article about CEO Jean-Claude Brizard was what it was. Here is something that bothers me however about the Chicago New Cooperative (CNC), it doesn't follow up on stories, and drill down on issues related to them. I have a perfect example, on April 14, CNC ran a very interesting story written by Hunter Clauss in which he referenced documents prepared by Terry Mazany's team "documents" distributed to Mayor Richard M. Daley

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    i'm told they're working on this -- will update as i know more.

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    Rupert Murdoch does not own Pearson Education, the testing company. He does own Fox News and the Wall Street Journal, among other things.

    Stephanie Banchero
    Wall Street Journal
    National Education Reporter

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    here's another tidbit if you're conspiracy-minded:

    CNC board chair john canning was one of the 23 bigwigs who contributed $3M to Stand For Children, according to this Catalyst story

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