ISATS: Why CPS Downplayed Higher Scores

Believing that too much focus on test score increases might undercut claims for further changes (and wouldn't be credited to them, anyway), CPS and City Hall downplayed increases that in any other year would have been used as a moment for celebration:
image from denim99.comChicago test scores up, but officials not satisfied WBEZ:  Trouble between the lines Sun Times Impressive gains don't impress CPS' new leaders Catalyst

CPS uses gains to argue for extended school dayTribune

Or at least that's my take.  What's yours?  They knew that there was widespread cheating?  The scores aren't that much better, really?


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  • CPS tried to bury the story, actually. It ran Saturday -- the slowest news day of the week.
    Yet ISAT scores jumped in 2010-11, accounting for a 10% increase in REading and Math since 2007, and Chicago teachers did it without the obvious help of Huberman or Brizard.

    A fair teacher doesn't test kids on something he hasn't taught. Fair management doesn't evaluate teachers on a goal they never, ever defined -- like Explorer test scores.

    Rahm's pr machine has a hard time trying to fit the inconvenient ISAT jump into his storyline. Chicago schools are "broken," whatever that means, and charters are the only answer. Teachers are incompetent, unable to innovate, greedy, give the kids the shaft, and want to preserve the "status quo."
    But the status quo includes a big jump in 2010-2011 ISAT scores. So now what? Move the goal post.

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