IL Reform Law Enacted -- Now What?

YoumustbenewIllinois' New Teacher Law: Model for Other States, or Outlier? EdWeek:  Several aspects of Illinois' new law, and a separate teacher-evaluation measure approved by the state last year, will prove tricky to implement... Illinois Teacher Accountability Now Official HuffED:  Stakeholders in Chicago also applauded the passage of the bill Monday, but they say what the law will actually do is not yet entirely clear... Downstate schools won't feel ed reform immediately Statehouse News:  Most Illinois school districts are not expected to feel the impact of new education reforms for years... MORE COVERAGE BELOW

Quinn signs landmark education bill Sun Times:  Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn signed a sweeping education overhaul into law Monday morning, paving the way for longer school days for Chicago students and making it harder for teachers to go on strike... Video: Matt Vanover on ed reform Statehouse News:  ISBE spokesperson Matt Vanover speaks about the newly signed education reform... Quinn signs bill that lengthens school day: One U.S. Department of Education official called it a collaborative model for other states to follow. ...  Education reform bill makes it tougher for teachers to strike, easier to be fired WBEZ:  Quinn scheduled a bill signing at an elementary school in the Chicago suburb of Maywood, the hometown of one of the measure's key legislative sponsors, state senator Kimberly Lightford (D-Maywood)...  How Stand for Children helped push Illinois school reforms through Tribune:  The group's work in Colorado attracted the attention of Bruce Rauner, a wealthy Chicago venture capitalist who backs school reform. Rauner has strong ties to Emanuel and former Mayor Richard Daley...


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  • No Mr. Nice Guy
    Fine the state has spoken, the reform law is now enacted. Since all the power is now in the hands ofthe
    School boards what we should do now is to ensure ALL state and federal laws concerning
    Workplace safety is enforced. For example has anyone from the CTU contacted OSHA for
    A check of the electron levels in those schools festooned with cell phone towers?
    How about this : set up a mobile lab outside Gage Park HS. on a Thursday in May.
    Require every adult and say every tenth student to have their blood pressure and pulse
    Checked. Or how about crumbling asbestos tiles in the teachers phone room?
    The state is so worried about accountability, how about their responsibilities to maintain
    a safe working environment and provide for domestic tranquility?

  • jim broadway asks if it's a silver bullet, a dud, or "just not enough"

    "The tenure eroding provisions of SB 7 do seem substantive. But for them to upgrade teacher quality in the classroom, superior educators must be available to fill the vacancies and to replace the inept educators who can more easily be fired.

    "The evaluation system SB 7 relies on is a year or two away from initial implementation, and certainly more years away from fluid operation, before the still-lengthy process of terminating incompetent teachers can even begin."

    what do you think?

  • WBEZ had bob bruno on 848 to talk about the new law, which he keeps pointing out does nothing to improve education, per se

    fascinating take on the law from a labor perspective, i thought, though there's an error in there about the 75 percent rule as you will see

  • klonsky is against:

  • Stand for Children raised $3.5 million from about two dozen well-heeled Chicagoans last year from September 27th to December 31st, 2010! Some of the notable contributors were Matthew Hulsizer, Co-founder/CEO, Peak6 Investments, $474,000; Paul Finnegan, Co-CEO, Madison Dearborn Partners, $500,000; John Canning, Chairman, Dearborn Partners, $250,000 and Kenneth Griffin, Founder/CEO, Citadel Group, $500,000. Stand for Children tapped into a network of the city's rich and powerful, including billionaires with the names like Pritzker, Crown and Zell to raise millions of dollars and to get SB7 passed!

  • Hopefully, the Illinois Supreme Court won't rule like the Wisconsin Supreme Court!

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